Congress MLAs accept Chiranjeevi as CM candidate for 2014 elections

Chiranjeevi CM candidate for 2014 elections

Chiranjeevi CM candidate for 2014 elections

After losing majority of seats to YSRCP in recent by-elections and winning 2 seats where Chiranjeevi got tickets for his candidates, congress MLAs are now realising his value in their party.

Chiranjeevi made few harsh comments on leadership and lack of co-ordination at state level.
He has recently visited Sonia Gandhi in delhi and explained about the situation in the state and reasons behind losing by-elections.
Upon being asked about union cabinet post and CM candidature for future, Chiru simply replied that he left every decision to sonia gandhi and will just takeup whatever responsibility is given to him.

Maybe the hard comments made by Chiru have not only won enemies but some admirers too within Congress party. Here comes the first voice that is demanding Chiru to be their Chief Minister by 2014.

Machilipatnam MLA Jogi Ramesh has made some sensational statements today regarding Megastar Chiranjeevi. ‘If we treat Chiru properly without backstabbing ourselves, he will lead us to victory in 2014. He will be our leader and there are chances for him to become our Chief Minister too‘, stated Jogi Ramesh. ‘Like the way we treat Sonia Gandhi, we should treat Chiru in AP the same way‘, he adds.
However, Jogi Ramesh has later stated that as the reporters asked him to respond on Chiru’s earlier comments on Congress he said that way. ‘There is nothing wrong in what I’ve said about Chiranjeevi‘, Ramesh stressed.

Even revenue minister Raghuveera Reddy said that he is ready to work under leadership of Chiranjeevi, if congress high command choses him as state leader.

In fact, the one who’ll get more irked for these comments is none other than present CM, Kiran Kumar Reddy.
Chiranjeevi’s fans are saying that this is the first step of their leader in Congress and will show their power in the coming days.
Will Chiru chose to stay in delhi as rajyasabha member till 2020, or will he comeback to state and lead congress from front ?
Only Sonia Gandhi can answer this….

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