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Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu web reviews
« on: October 18, 2012, 06:13:02 AM »
Please post all reviews related to websites and your reviews here.
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Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu web reviews and member reviews
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Aplive gave decent rating. 3.75 out of 5.

Webreviews starts of with positive note. We need to see how remaining sites will give. As @Pawanist insisted don't bother if some websites give negative ratings.

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Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu web reviews and member reviews
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Please don't discuss matters related to anti hero's DB. Anti hero websites will give negative ratings only.

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Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu web reviews and member reviews
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only web reviews mem reviews ni club cheyodhu
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Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu web reviews
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Story-Screenplay-Direction:  Puri Jagannath
Music:Mani Sharma
Cinematography:Shyam K. Naidu
Studio:Universal Media Rating 3.25/5

Rambabu(Pawan Kalyan ) is an Mechanic who never compromise seeing wrong in society and helps the needy. Ex-Chief minister Jawahar Naidu (Kota Srinivas) who was CM for two terms lost to Chandrasekhar Reddy (Nasser), Kota  wants to see unbalance the government to gain power back. Fight starts which turns into ugly caste politics and Kota uses the media. Ganga (Tamanna) who works as cameraman for a news channel likes Rambabu attitude towards society and makes him join her channel as reporter.

RanaBabu (Prakesh Raj ) son of Jawahar Naidu is a typical villain type character kills a senior journalist Dasharathram (Surya) for exposing his scams. Rambabu sends him to jail on murder case  with all evidences collected but  Rana comes out of jail manipulating and challenges Rambabu to become future CM . Rambabu makes sure he does not get the chair and political campaign goes…at last Rana Babu get killed by public for saving Rambabu forms the story….

Pawan Kalyan rocks the screen with his performance. Pawan Kalyan’s attitude, body language and josh  is perfectly extracted by the director. Pawan Kalyan has shown it again how an actor can own and carry it on when the right character is offered. Fire in his eyes when acting in emotional scenes or appealing to public. His energy levels, dance moves and dialogue delivery is punch packed and his performance is extraordinary.

Tamanna played a Tom boyish kind of character. There are no too many scenes in Pawan and Tamannah combination. In several of the scenes, she seem to have gone overboard in acting.  Her glamor is eye feast to audience. Foreign actors Scarlet Wilson and Gabriela Bertante added glamor to the movie.Gabriela who played a channel head is horrible.

Prakash Raj is at his usual best , Rana Babu will be  one of his best character in recent times.  Kota, Tanikella Bharani, Nasser, MS Narayan did their best. Ali as SRK and Brahmanandam as Bobby evoked laughs in few scenes. Dharmavaram, Uttej acted in small roles.

Dialogues are the most important technical aspect of the movie after characterization. Puri has come up with entertaining dialogues that suit Pawan Kalyan . Background music is good and songs scored by Mani sharma are excellent.All the songs are well in to audience now. Melikalu song is good on-screen and well picturized. Pawan Kalyan had delivered some decent steps. Cinematography by Shyam K Naidu is top-notch. Dinesh choreography is good. Editing should have been better and can be trimmed . Direction is good, but screen play should have been better.

First half of the film is  entertaining. Second half of the film  enough content to hold. Puri Jagannath has taken an old script and made few changes inspiring from the current political scenario in Andhra Pradesh and made ‘Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu’. The story is penned with an honest intent .Pawan Kalyan’s inbuilt mannerism and attitude and merged perfectly by the character written for him. CGR is a product which has the right mix of Pawanism, comedy and action. The entire energy throughout the film was maintained. The movie starts off slowly and picks up tempo towards interval and slides down before picking towards climax.

On a whole, CGR is a good  entertainer and will satisfy fans and general crowds alike who have been expecting a good entertainer from Pawan Kalyan.

    Pawan Kalyan, Tamanna screen presence.
    First half, Climax
    Technical aspects

Draw backs:
    old plot

An Honest film …Go Watch it

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Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu web reviews
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123telugu: 3.25/5
Verdict :
‘Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu’ is a movie that works primarily due to Pawan Kalyan’s sheer force and powerful on-screen presence. A good second half, solid punch dialogues and a terrific performance from Pawan elevate the movie. Better script and more involving characters would have helped the movie. The film will be a great watch for those who are interested in politics, and a decent one for regular movie lovers.

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Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu web reviews
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TOI: To wrap the Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu (CGR) Telugu movie review highlights package, the first half of the film goes on a decent note while the film's racy second half keeps you going.

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Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu web reviews
« Reply #7 on: October 18, 2012, 11:31:57 AM »
Ink anni min 3.25 isthayi anukuntunna... Same as GS.. Pawan rocksssssssss :035:

Sivya bhayya racha racha chesthunnav gaaaaaaaaaa :098:

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Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu web reviews
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Rambabu (Pawan kalyan) is a responsible citizen and fights against all odds in the society. Unlike others, he reacts immediately for the news and tries to rescue the needy. Ganga (Tamanna) works for a regional news channel and persuades Rambabu to join the team after knowing about his character. Opposition leader Jawahar Naidu(Kota Srinivasa Rao) gives sleepless nights to the Chief Minister of the state (Nasser) and his only aim is to see his son Rana Babu (Prakash Raj) as Chief Minister. Does Rana Babu becomes CM ? How does Rambabu try to bring a change in the society forms the rest of the story.


The first half of Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu is laced with couple of heart touching scenes and entertainment. Director Puri Jagannadh has tried to establish the character of Rambabu in the first half and this hour is good in parts. The second half of Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu is the soul of the movie. Pawan Kalyan is amazing and once again has come up with a brilliant performance. Be it in comedy, his pot shots on the present state of politics has hit the bulls eye and received thumping response from the audience. The scenes like Pawan Kalyan interviewing Prakash Raj before his padayatra(the Telugu Talli episode), the cross dressers fight and the way Pawan Kalyan explains about the difference between extraordinary and ordinary women are fantastic.

Director Puri Jagannadh has carried the movie with par excellence and he needs a round applause for the way he has executed the script. Especially, this half of the movie deals with contemporary issues and apparently awakens social responsibility in every individual. He presented each and every element in a distinct way and apparently it will be received with a great response from the audience. Though, the climax episode have resemblance with Chiranjeevi's 'Tagore', it has been dealt in a different way as per the script. The narration is gripping through out and the song 'Melikal Tirugunte' stands out as the winner.

TeluguOne Perspective:

Director Puri Jagannadh has done fantastic homework and has  presented Pawan Kalyan in a versatile role. The script is tailor made for Pawan Kalyan and I’m sure his fans will love it to the core. The movie has been shot in less than 3 months time and Puri has done a commendable job in showcasing what exactly he has written in the script. He is successful in using Pawan Kalyan to the potential and in fact, only Pawan Kalyan can do justice for these kind of films that deal with several burning issues of the society. Puri has targeted several politicians and several issues with elan and with a fantastic conviction. And it is a delight to watch Pawan Kalyan uttering dialogues in reference to the society.

though it has some limitations, the love angle between the lead pair has been showcased well. Overall, Puri Jagannadh has come up with a right script and apt star cast and Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu is a feast for Pawan Kalyan fans and normal audience. The range of the movie will depend upon the crowd pulling capacity of Powerstar and all I can say is this movie is going to set new milestones in terms of collections at box office. The openings will be huge and apparently Pawan Kalyan is going to give tough fight for the #1 position of Tollywood.


Pawan Kalyan is excellent and carried the movie on his shoulders. He marvels in dialogue delivery, comedy timing and needless to say in action episodes as well. This movie will appease all sections of audience for sure and this is a one man show. Tamanna is a delight to watch and has delivered a wonderful performance. Kota Srinivasa Rao is good and Prakash Raj is superb. Ali and Brahmanandam evoked few smiles. Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam is neat. Gabriela Bertante has delivered a decent performance. Scarlet Wilson sizzled in an item song.


SR Sekhar editing could have been better. Shyam K Naidu's Cinematography is outstanding. Music by Mani Sharma is OK and background score is excellent. Screenplay and dialogues by Puri Jagannadh are fantastic. The last dialogue 'Ee Rashtram naa kutumbam gurinchi pattinchukokapoina nenu ee rashtram gurinchi pattinchunta' received stupedous response from the audience. Stunts by Vijay are too good.


Pawan Kalyan's brilliant performance
Puri Jagannadh's screenplay and dialogues


OK first half
lack of entertainment

Final Word: Watch out Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu (CGTR) for Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's excellent performance and Puri Jagannadh's superb dialogues and direction.

TeluguOne CGR Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5

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Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu web reviews
« Reply #9 on: October 18, 2012, 11:55:12 AM »
Tsunami entered into AP  :13: :13:

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Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu web reviews
« Reply #10 on: October 18, 2012, 11:56:13 AM »

The movie has received positive talk from all corners of the state at the end of its first show screenings. Pawan Kalyan's powerful and energetic performance, Tamannah's glamour and performance, Puri's takings and his dialogues and picturization of the songs are  the plus points of the movie. Though the first half of the movie runs with a tight and brisk screen play, it was a bit let down in a few scenes in the second half of the movie.

Meanwhile, the movie picks up the momentum again in the pre climax and the climax parts of the movie. In pre climax,  Pawan Kalyan's addressing to the youth through media is a mind boggling scene. The climax of the movie reminds us the pre climax of 'Tagore' movie and was shot in a splendid way. On a whole, the movie has good chances to become one more blockbuster to Pawan Kalyan this year.

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Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu web reviews
« Reply #11 on: October 18, 2012, 12:29:52 PM »
Pawan Kalyan's powerful screen presence and his performance made the film to stay on top until the climax. This isn't a usual climax as the director stuck to the theme. We may hear mixed reactions on this, but this is a perfect finale considering the content of the film. On a whole Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu is a commercial film with strong message. Despite the seriousness in the plot it doesn't bore you. Barring few unwanted irritating scenes, Rambabu is a decent watch. With Powerstar in full form this film can go extra miles at the box office.

sorce: gulte Rating 3/5

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Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu web reviews
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Banner:  Universal Media
Cast:  'Power Star' Pawan
Kalyan, Tamannah, Prakash
Raj, Naazar,Tanikella
Bharani, Kota Srinivas Rao,
Subramanyam, Gabriela
Bertante, Brahmanandam,
Ali,  Uttej, Scarlett Mellish
Wilson and others.
Fights:  Vijay
Lyrics:  Bhaskarabhatla Ravi
Music:  'Swara Brahma' Mani
Cinematography:  Shyam K.
Editing:  S.R. Shekar
Producer:  D.V.V. Danayya
Dialogues, Screenplay &
Direction:  Puri Jagannadh
By:  Kaushik Sharma
Plot: Rambabu (Pawan
Kalyan) is a highly emotional
person and is good at heart
and in deed. He works as a
mechanic and wherever
there is injustice he opposes
it and helps the needy. This
catches the attention of
Ganga (Thamanna), who is a
camera person in a leading
news channel. Ganga covers
a T.V program about
Rambabu and his activities.
This brings fame to Rambabu
and further he is invited to
join the corresponding news
channel as a Journalist.
Rambabu enters the media
field and works with utmost
sincerity and dedication.
Meanwhile a senior and a
honest journalist
Dasaradharam (Surya) is
murdered and Rambabu
comes to know that the
opposition leader of the
state - Naidu(Kota Srinivas
Rao) and his son Rana Babu
(Prakash Raj) are behind it.
Rambabu begins confronting
both of them and he is
supported by the noble Chief
Minister Chandra Shekar
Reddy (Naazar).
How Rambabu counters the
activities of Naidu and Rana
Babu? What are the ways
that he adopts? How he
checkmates a particular
mission of the villains? And
finally the way he brings
awareness about politics and
patriotism among the people
of the state, form the rest of
the story.
Pawan Kalyan is handsome,
very energetic and highly
spontaneous in this movie.
For the given story line and
theme, only Pawan Kalyan
can do justice to it. He is
awesome in emotional and
serious scenes. His dialogue
delivery is impeccable and
his intensity is fabulous
(performance in the entire
second half- especially pre-
climax and climax episodes).
Though his dance moves
were slow, his costumes,
styling were nice. Power Star
is the soul of this project.
Thamannah's screen
presence was not up to the
mark (contrary to the title).
She was ultra glamorous
throughout the movie and
was very sensuous in the
'Melikal Thiriging...' song. Her
characterization disappoints
in the first half and in the
second half Thamannah
played a typical role of
assisting the Hero in his
Kota Srinivas Rao was seen
in Karunanidhi's get up
(Tamil Nadu's leader) and as
usual he was appealing with
his performance. Prakash Raj
was terrific as the main
antagonist Rana Babu. He
was very competent opposite
Pawan Kalyan. 'Cameraman..'
shows strong villainy after a
long time in Telugu. Due to
the strong villain
characterizations the
Heroism was well elevated.
Both the villains performed
extremely well.
Puri Jagannadh has provided
highly hilarious comedy once
again. Comedy episodes by
Pawan Kalyan,
Brahmanandam, Ali,
Thamannah and M.S.
Narayana were decent and
generated great laughs.
There were many satires on
the present media
functionality and the current
political situations of the
Foreign beauty Gabriela
Bertante was OK in a
negative role. Naazar was
apt. Scarlett Mellish Wilson
sizzled in the item number
Tanikella Bharani,
Subramanyam, T.V. actress
Sruthi, Uttej were seen in
significant roles.
Technical Aspects:
There were criticisms on Puri
Jagannadh before and with
this one film 'Cameraman
Ganga Tho Rambabu' he
answered all those criticisms.
He followed a sophisticated
screenplay of building the
plot sensibly step by step.
The conflict aspect increases
slowly and reaches peaks in
the climax. Though the first
half is slow, the interval
episode is stylish and
smooth. The speed pickups
in the second half from the
'Telugu Movement' episode
onwards and the movie
appears very interesting and
will be mind blowing towards
the end. One is sure to get
goose bumps while watching
the second half.
Puri stylishly directed the
film keeping Pawan Kalyan's
image in mind. And this is a
'Tagore', 'Stalin' kind of
movie for Pawan Kalyan.
Dialogues by Puri Jagannadh
were effective and thought
provoking. Most of the
dialogues received great
round of applause from the
audience. Puri Jagannadh
succeeded completely as a
writer and director with this
Music by Mani Sharma was
good on the screen and the
BGM was very nice.
Cinematography by Shyam K.
Naidu is of high quality and
the editing was OK. Fights
were decent and the art
work is similar to that of
Puri's previous films.
'Cameraman Ganga Tho
Rambabu' is an almost
perfect film from Pawan
Kalyan and Puri Jagannadh.
Bottom Line: Shows and
proves Pawan Kalyan's
'Power' once again. Don't
miss it!
Weekend Creations
Rating: 3.75/5

Source - weekendcreations

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Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu web reviews
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superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  :098:

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Cameraman Ganga tho Rambabu web reviews
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Actually I don't want paste the other site content but I am unable to resist this time since it is our lovable hero power stars flick and also the way Jeevi written the review

idlebrain : 3.25/5
Punchline: Common Man's anger

Rambabu (Pawan Kalyan) is a mechanic and a hot-blooded angry young man who doesn’t tolerate injustice happening to the people around. Cameraman Ganga (Tamanna) works as a cameraman for a TV channel and she notices Rambabu’s intensity and recommends him as a reporter to her TV channel. Rambabu joins as a reporter and starts cracking whip on the opposition leader (Kota) and his son (Prakash Raj). It becomes a war between Rambabu and opposition’s CM candidate (Prakash Raj). The rest of the story is all about how Rambabu exposes CM candidate.

Artists Performance
Pawan Kalyan: Pawan Kalyan is known as a guy who responds to atrocities happening around him. His character in this film is an identifiable to Pawan Kalyan at a personal level. One can see superb intensity when Pawan talks about social responsibility and the injustice around us. There is energy and magnetism flowing all the intense scenes. Pawan Kalyan has given extraordinary performance. However, he has put on a bit of weight compared to Gabbar Singh time.

Others: Tamanna has done a tom-boyish role. She is okay. Gabriela who has done the second heroine role is not effective. It’s a cake walk for both Kota Srinivasa Rao and Prakash Raj. Prakash Raj entertains again with his minute expressions combined with smart comic timing (example is interval fight). Ali and Brahmanandam characters are used to show how Indian TV channels spice up a normal happening into a comically emotional issue. MS Narayana is very good in the role of Pawan Kalyan’s adopted uncle.

Technical department
Story - screenplay - direction: Puri Jagan has gone away from a regular masala films a couple of years back and is concentrating on issue based films. The story of the film is about the anger of a common-man against the political system. He has also shown how TV channels manipulate and doctor the news in such a way that it becomes more of an entertainment program than a a proper news-reading. I remember Puri Jagan creating satires on TV media for the first time with Asha Saini character in 143 film. Now he has made a full-length movie and provided satires on TV media without hurting them. Puri Jagan’s strength has always been the characterization and dialogues. If he gets performers who own these characters and take it further, it helps the commercial result of the movie. Pawan Kalyan is one such rare actor in Telugu cinema who behaves like a wounded tiger for such characters and creates empathy from audiences. Direction is good in intense scenes.

Other departments: Dialogues by Puri Jagan is a huge asset. There is no vulgarity in dialogue and they are intense/entertaining and deeply philosophical at times. Background music by Mani Sharma is good. But we expect better songs from a man of his calibre. My favorites are melikal followed by extraordinary from the picturization point of view. Cinematography is Sam K Naidu is good. Editing by new guy SR Sekhar is nice. Fights composed by Vijay are power-packed. Art direction by Chinna is appropriate.

First half of the film is alright. The second half is explosive. It’s a completely clean film from Puri Jagan. There are four best scenes in the film (1. Pawan Kalyan - Prakash Raj confrontation which waters down the entire movement 2. Philosophy of how men make ordinary women extraordinary 3. News room scene where Brahmi makes masala out of straight news items. 4. Pawan Kalyan’s call to people in the pre-climax episode) do stand out. Strengths of the film are Pawan Kalyan’s explosive performance and Puri Jagan’s superb characterization/dialogues. On the flip side, the holistic approach and strong villain characterization is missing in the film. There is enough fire power in the movie to make it commercially work. You may watch it for the Puri Jagan’s version of angry young man Pawan Kalyan.


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