Author Topic: Cherry's Anti Media's Desperate Gossips  (Read 589 times)

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Cherry's Anti Media's Desperate Gossips
« on: December 25, 2012, 07:50:40 PM »
Can anyone imagine a hero who has just four movies got released and maintaining unbelievable super stardom? As far as AP is concerned, Mega Power Star ram charan is enjoying such a status. Obviously, when there is a craze among the masses, there will be rivalry on that hero by a few media. Ever since, ramcharan 's speech at the audio launchof 'Naayak', a few media is trying to criticize him at their best, even though there is no sufficient reason to criticize him. Following list gives you the list of those criticisms and real facts.
* They first tried to criticize ram charan 's speech of 'Naayak' audio. However, later it was proved that ram charan is quite matured when comparing with Dasari's speech as the latter even though being a senior director talked like a child.
* ram charan 's 'Naayak' audio was tried to be criticized. However, this idea too went on futile, as all the songs are rocking and the audio is top on chartbusters now.
* And now, those media have created a cooked up story that Cherry had given money to the makers of his bollywood debut movie 'Zanjeer' to complete the project. Unfortunately, the gossip mongers again failed in creating a proper gossip. Sources say, if Cherry really wanted to give money to the makers, why should he do this movie in a new and unknown bollywood banner? And why did nothe make his debut through his home banners such as Geetha Arts or Anjana Productions? Moreover, Geetha Arts has already got good experience making bollywood then industry hit movie 'Gajini'. ram charan would have been focused much by this lucky banner in bollywood. Eventually, this gossip was also turned out to be a trash.

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Cherry's Anti Media's Desperate Gossips
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Yellow Media Sucksssssssss