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Entire Andhra Pradesh is waiting for the day of 9th January to arrive as that is going to be the day of Mega Power Star’s ‘Naayak’ release. Publicized as a High Voltage action entertainer with Cherry presented altogether in a two different shades from the vision of director VV.Vinayakand what to say the sensational hit talk for audio further raised the expectations.
1. Ramcharan’s Aggressive, Rugged and Full of Life characterization will be the driving force for the first time Cherry seen in 2 shades
2. Amala Paul & Kajal’s beauty are projected in never seen angles and they are just amazing.
3. There will be villains and each has got their own significance in story narration.
4. Second Half 45 Minutes is going to be the high voltage action part and highlight of movie.
5. Interval Bang will be highly exciting.
6. Enough Comedy in first half with big crew of all top comedians present in movie.
7.Ramcharan is seen in the role of angry young man who wage a war against Rowdyism with a message that we are humans and we should help our brotherhood.
8. Dances are ultimate , already leaked song given the sample.
9. Picturization of ‘Hey Naayak’, ‘Dewana ’ and ‘Subhalekha ..’ will be one of the top features.
10. The rapid paced narration with comedy and no lagging moments areto help ‘Naayak’ evolve out as an action packed entertainer.
So, folks…get ready for a mass treat from Mega Camp after a very long time. ‘Naayak’ can either be a Hit or Super Hit or Industry Hit.

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super analysis bhayya.....

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cinema adirindanta. fans power choopinchadame migilindi

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ya we will do that.....