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A Review on 'Movie Reviews- plz read
« on: January 13, 2013, 02:26:38 PM »
In 1970s, director Vijayabapineedu used to run a monthly film magazine named 'Vijaya'. The magazine used to publish moviereview s and the fin ... s even today. The previous decade witnessed the emergence of web media. The rating system on movies in film websites was started and netigens started to read movie review s quite interestingly.
Unfortunately, it appears no transparency in review s and ratingsof the movies is seen in movie review s at present, as per many movie buffs. So, let's have a review on movie review s by different media sources, which include print media, web media and electronic media.
* If the movie has been made classically, despite the bore content,the movie is being given good rating.
* If the movie is a mass masala entertainer, review writers feel it asan ordinary content and rate the movie low in spite of many good qualities in the movie.
* If the movie is made for awards, obviously rating of the movie wouldbe high.
* If it is a mythological, historical or a multi starrer, the rating will be high.
* Most of the review s are written for the people of Overseas, even today. Unfortunately, some people of OS can't analyze the difference between a good movie and a bad movie due to lack of sufficient sources.
* Finally, the review writers have noconcern on the tastes and likes of the reader.
* The reader in fact, wants to know whether the movie lives upto the expectations at the box office or not. Moreover, before going to watch the movie, he wants to know the exact status of the movie through the review and rating.
* The review writer's perception should not be changed for varying genres of the movies. That means, even if it is a good mass entertainer,good ratings must be given. Even if a class and family entertainer lacks sufficient entertainment and content, poor ratings must be given.
* People don't prefer to watch someof the movies even though they possess lot of ethical values and offer good messages. However, there may not be a sufficient entertainment  quotient in those movies to satisfy their tastes. Better, review writers mention those movies as 'strictly recommended for awards' and they can give a very good rating for those movies. The readers can understand the situation.
* The readers gradually loses the credibility on review s.

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A Review on 'Movie Reviews- plz read
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2013, 03:34:18 AM »

idi rasina CJ vadi reviews kuda similar gane untai.....

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A Review on 'Movie Reviews- plz read
« Reply #2 on: January 14, 2013, 02:02:58 PM »
Reviewer can write anything as per his like or dislike for a film and thats entirely his or her personal opinion. Here, that is already done and as an extra, they create unwarranted gossipons beyond their limit if inolvement. This is quite uncomprehensible to me why they just single out Charan when alls the other heros films also have the same comemrcial formula. SVSC can be considered as an exception and neithre mAhess nor Venky would accept the same or similar stoty based films for a future multistarrer. As Charan said, Both of them accepted as they felt it would them as actors in the roles not that they want to act together by any cost.

Mahesh would have done the same movie with another hero where he playing the elder brother role giving the younger brother role to any other star hero. That NEVER HAPPENS and the reason is known to everybody.This is also the case for all the actors including Charan adn highlight this point. But you concentrate on how they accpeted the roles to do a multistarre adn bla ba bla. I am really sick of hearinga dn reading this news at the cost of defaming Charan's image. Media should play an unbiased role in bringing the facts but jeopardising the facts.

YOu people don't have anything else than to grab an opprtunity to defame Charan. Just divide the entire OS collections in the ration of MAhesh adn Venky's popularity adn come out with the actual collections of a single hero either Mahesh or venky. There are mayn Venky fans who also watched the film apart from MAhesh fand and family audiences. AS I already mentinoed in one of the post about the various factors why SVSC got bumper collections in OS and I am sure it can't be repeated everytime even if its an upcoming Mahesh's film. If there would have been a correct planning of arranging the theaters adn premiers correctly NAYak also woudl have got bumper collections but its ok  we knoy the faults from a mistake only adn now both the hero and the prodcuer know this so they will takecare of these things in the future. Dil Raju is a very experienced prodcuer and he knows how the thinsg work in oS as well adn he used the chance of the star power and multistarre concept in advertising it to the maximum and its appreciable but in the stae its Nayak but no web media wnats to discuss about the range of it rather concetrate and higlight OS collections and showcase MAhesh's power but its also Venky's power which made the theartes full in OS. There are many things to discuss but slowly and one by one as the topic comes, we discuss together ans share our concrete views.

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A Review on 'Movie Reviews- plz read
« Reply #3 on: January 14, 2013, 08:40:29 PM »

nice review.....

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A Review on 'Movie Reviews- plz read
« Reply #4 on: January 14, 2013, 10:46:11 PM »
good post... :13:


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