Author Topic: Media's miscalculations about Charan's stamina  (Read 625 times)

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Media's miscalculations about Charan's stamina
« on: January 15, 2013, 10:11:08 PM »
Ram Charan has once again provedthat he is a huge star in terms of box office potential. His Pongal release Naayak has been reaping record collections allover. Prior to the release Naayak has been considered as the weaker film compared to Seetamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu for obvious reasons. All eyes were on the multi-starrer movie and Naayak looked like a routine mass movie on the outset.
However, Naayak proved to be a worthy competitor to the multi-starrer movie and has been doing on par or even better than SVSC in various regions in our state. This film has proved Ram Charan's stamina at the box office. Even his previous film Racha, which was written off instantly went onto become one of the biggest hits of 2012. That film solely ran on Ram Charan's star power. Weak contentand relatively new director didn't add any value to it.
Despite proving his potential time and again, few media circles are trying to demean Ram Charan by questioning his stamina. Someone has written that Prabhas is a bigger star than Charan. Nice try! Magadheera's mighty success has announced Ram Charan's entry into the superstar league. However media tried to focus it as Rajamouli's success. However, the director himself agreed that without Ram Charan that movie may not have created history.
Charan is just five films old and hasfour hits to his credit. His following and charisma is increasing with every film.  If he could maintain this graph for five more films, it would be hardtime for his competitors. Recent 'hair-plucking' act of Ram Charan has hurt the yellow media and they are trying hard to suppress the star as much as they can. But he is just growing big as a star with every film. Keep trying!

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Media's miscalculations about Charan's stamina
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2013, 10:40:01 PM »

nice aricle.....

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Media's miscalculations about Charan's stamina
« Reply #2 on: January 17, 2013, 04:51:28 AM »
Hi Srikanth, nice article and is very much true what you have said. Charan's image has risen to a new level and competitors have toughtime digesting this fact. Nobody even expected that Charan would reach so fast to this level that too just with 5 films. Except orange failure, he has no other failure credit to him so far and that is great achievement for any actor. It will take sometime to realize this fact for the competitors but they will very soon realize it. By now they already have got a trailer of Charan's growing popularity and believe me it is gonna be very explosive if my words are to be believed. This has not resulted just because he is chiru's son but his tremendous effort to achieve this and make it happen.

Today we are all so happy for him and his stardom but this all he made it himself and he knows how to make it. And the media is crediting his success to everybody associated with his films but him. As that is not enough, it is making every x, y, z is better than Charan. They may be his looks, his acting, his dancing, the action sequences, the supporting actors, heroines, locations and many more things. Still unsatisfied the media is equalling Charan's image with Prabhas. If the audience come on to the dias, its not charishma rather the lack of proper security and planning. If the fans are allowed then every film celebrity esp the star heroes and heroines garner such craze but this has nothing to do with the stamina. Comparing prabhas with both charan and pawan kalyan is also a biggest joke and i can only laugh loud reading these news. All heroes attarct crowd if given the free aceess to public. The thing to remember is:" Crowd pulling in a public or private occassions  is different from crowd pulling to the theaters". Pawan has so far that quality in the present set of top heroes and everybody else is only after him if at all they make a mark in the list. Charn is slowly joing this league and his films colletions are best example.

And one more thing is getting huge collections despite the film talk which shows the real stamina of any hero. Best exsmple is Rachha. Even for such an average film Charan could make the film into top 5 grossers of TFI. Taking the same as a measure, which other hero's movie got such huge colletions with a filmtalk and quality of Rachha? Look at the top 5 films and only real superhits made it to the list except Rachha. This one fact is enough to show where Charan stands interms of stamina. Do not make every tom dick and harry famous in the trial of ruining Charan's image. You are neither doing any good to them nor successful in defaming Charan's image. All I can say is that you are wasting your time also for stupidityand nonsense!!! Along with the regular stories!!!


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