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All The Best To Ongolu Gittha and kadali
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All The Best To Ongolu Gittha and kadali
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ongole gitta first talk- flop

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All The Best To Ongolu Gittha and kadali
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Ongole Gitta Review

Rating: 2 /5

Cast: Ram, Prakash Raj, Prabhu, Kriti Kharbanda, Ramaprabha, Ahuti Prasad Kishore Das, Raghu Babu, Ali and others.

Music: G V Prakash Kumar
Background Score: Mani Sharma
Cinematography: Venkatesh
Screenplay: Bharati, Kona Venkat
Story- direction: 'Bommarillu' Bhaskar
Producer: BVSN Prasad
Release date: 1 February 2013

'Ongole Gitta' is a testing time for both energetic hero Ram and director Bhaskar. Let us see if the movie is really running like a Ongole bull or not!


A young boy named White (Ram) comes to Ongole Mirchi yard as an orphan to start mirchi business. Adikesavula Naidu (Prakash Raj) is the chairman of the market committee who acts as good guy outside but a villain inside.

When an MLA (Ahuti Prasad) tries to shift market yard to another location, Adikesavulu tries to halt it as he has plans to shift it to another place. To counter Adikesavulu, MLA ropes in White and announces that he is the next market yard chairman. But finally MLA gets sold out to Adikesavulu before asking White to withdraw from the post he is offered. In order to withdraw, White seeks Adi's daughter Sandhya (Kriti Kharbanda) as his wife, and Adi agrees in public but wants to eliminate him.

At the same time it is revealed that White is not an orphan and his father Narayana (Prabhu), who is blamed for killing 32 people, is looking for him. Why White escaped from his father and why he is running after Adikesavulu and his daughter, and the past connection between Adi and Narayana at market yard forms the rest of story.



As usual Ram is fully energetic in his role, but this time lacked all those powerful mass dialogues he generally uses. Also, he has toned down his dances in songs and offers no new dance steps. His comedy is okay.

Prakash Raj once again excelled in his role and proves that he is the best. As a villain inside and wearing that fake smile on his face outside, he stuns everyone. He has even gone nude as the character demanded it a couple of times.

Kriti Kharbanda showed what all she has in that bubbly role. Both with her funky acting and heat raising skin-shows, she will grab your eyeballs. No doubt she will get some big offers for those '5 songs – 4 scenes' roles in Tollywood.

Prabhu is just okay as Ram's father, Ramaprabha tried to bring some chuckles, Kishore Das (TV9 Evadigola Vadide anchor) did good work as Ram's sidekick. Ali brings some partly laughs, Raghubabu makes you laugh with his 'tikka'.


Director Bhaskar tried to narrate a pakka mass story this time in the likes of a VV Vinayak and Puri Jagan. Unfortunately he couldn't bring that energy to the movie with his directorial skills. More than that, he has chosen a simple old story with routine screenplay and excessive Tamil dose, but failed to make it dynamic. He tried his hand at comedy like in his previous flicks, but they too succeed only in parts.

Background score given by Mani Sharma makes you sit in theatre for two hours, else those ordinary songs scored by G V Prakash will bore you. Only saving factor is Kriti's Kharbanda's glamour show.

Story and screenplay of the film, supplied by Bhaskar, Bharati and Kona Venkat are very simple and ineffective. Cinematography by Venkatesh and Kadhir's art-direction haven't added either grandeur or realistic feel to the movie.


·         Ram's effort

·         Prakash Raj's versatile performance

·         Kriti Kharbanda's glamour show

·         Tikkavaripalli Comedy Episode


·         No tempo and intensity like in a mass action movie

·         Simple storyline with no twists and weak dialogues

·         Energy less songs (music) with plain choreography

·         Routine comedy with all routine jokes


Director Bhaskar should have come up with intense story as he is trying to prove his mettle in Tollywood. But choosing this plain story with ineffective screenplay is going to beat him on the head again. For formulaic flicks, an overdose of action sequences and comedy is always the main ingredient. But Bhaskar failed to induce thrilling action and belly bursting comedy. Though he tried to add nice romance tracks, they too failed to bring flavor as we never understand why heroine falls for hero after all that mediocre drama.

Surprisingly, Ram too looked at nothing, including script, fights and songs before okaying this 'Ongole Gitta' it seems. This will be a below average show of him once again.

'Ongole Gitta' is slated to be a pakka mass-masala entertainer, but lost its pace with weak narration and tumbling screenplay graph. At times, it makes you laugh and at times you may lose nerve. Lack of interesting elements like hair rising action sequences, full throttle comedy and foot tapping songs will bore audiences. Maybe the film will get openings, but collecting big bucks down the lane is impossible.

If you are not interested in seeing regular masala movies with weak screenplay, then it is better to wait for the DVD version. Else you can pass this flick with a popcorn and soft drink.

The FINISHING Line: This 'Gitta' is weak in running!!!

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All The Best To Ongolu Gittha and kadali
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kadali also out antunnaru..

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All The Best To Ongolu Gittha and kadali
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Ongolu githa
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M surprisd hw did  bhaskar made bommarillu & parugu.. He lost his track. He shud tak brk & cm bk in fresh mind.
Ongolu githa means what?