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SATYA-2 review
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Satya (Sarvanand) lands in Hyderabad mega city. No one knows where Satya lands from. Satya never discloses. He takes shelter in his friends room and is in search of jobs. He gets a job with a large contractor. He wisely (with a dangerous crime idea) settles a very longing problem of his contractor boss. He becomes as his trusted employee. Not only his boss but he takes care of all problems of rich people. He transforms into a dependable person to many. Satya wishes to started a business. That business is scaring one. He wants to end all big shots and earn 10000 Crores. Satya forms the required network. Could he succeed in establishing that Company? Could he reach his ambition? Where did Satya come from ? Who is Satya? These are to be seen on big screen.
Watching Opening scene, Interval Bang, ending resembles Mahesh Babu’s Bussiness man. Its not your fault. Varma has selected that line. Not only the line, almost all story is the same. In Bussiness man Surya legalised mafia in Mumbai. Here Satya also has done the same. So we cant expect any new story line. But RGV sensibly tried to add some twists. He took almost half an hour to get the story into track. There is also a romantic track. Excluding this he tried to have the movie in grip. Satya’s moves, his escalating method all seem to be cinematic. No logic, cent per cent as in Businessman. Whatever Surya thinks that happens, the same happens in Satya-2. RGV is known for selection of natural topics but first time he missed out his flavour. He was found struggling at the same.
Varma had earlier served the recipe of mafia to the audience as to how mafia is born and how it would look like . But Satya-2 as a sequel is missing these standards. A company cannot be started sitting in 4 walled AC cabins. Earning 10000 Crores is not simple. He showed mafia very differently. He tried to show that Satya has a lot of flash back. But he never focus on flash back. Varma’s voice over in between scenes is irritating.
One would feel, second half is very fastly completed. He showed his brand to abruptly end the story. Whole movie is about the curiosity of Satya in establishing the company only. There is no clarity at the end for the company’s profile, what are the links, the financial resources. He just touched these issues superficially. Every story should have an ending. Person of that ability, Varma should have known when to end the story, how to finish. He showcased as if he doesn’t know how to play THE END shot and left the audience to think Satya-3 may follow.
Sarvanand has embedded himself in Satya’s role well. Careless looks, fierceness have been portrayed well. Probably Sarvanand must have accepted to this role to take advantage of RGV’s portrayal of character. Anaika seems to be innocent. There seems to be some difference in her face cuts. Her half saree never stayed in her place. Varma is efficient in extracting the talent from artists. RR is horrible. Probably Varma’s horror movie experience has continued. No words for songs and there is no need even to mention.
For audience who have not seen Satya & Businessman Satya-2 may look interesting. But he tried to use hero as in Aladdin and the magic lamp. There are so many questions or doubts without suitable answers. If you feel what ever is shown is OK, then u may proceed.
source:Telugu Mirchi Rating : 2/5

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SATYA-2 review
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cineout look rating: 3.0/5

Varma’s direction seems to come on track.He seems to have done his ground work to create that Fear Impact on the audience.
Screen Play is good.
Sharwanand did well in a serious mafia oriented character.
The supporting co-stars also performed well.
BG Score is good.

The story will look like a kind of old one.
Songs are average.
The lip movement did not sync to the dialogues.Since most of the character artists are not from native.

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SATYA-2 review
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Satya 2 Review
Behind the Movie Satya 2: Brand RGV used to rule the Indian film market few years ago and ‘Satya’ was one such film which ripped off the real material of mafia. Now, a sequel to the same with a brand new star cast will raise the interest but at the same time RGV’s ruthless saga of failures will scare some of us. With all these beliefs running through our minds, let us see how far RGV showed his olden touch.
In the Movie Satya 2: Movie begins with introduction to System, its Dynamism and its Adaptability with changing times. In comes into the story is Satya (Puneet Singh Ratn) landed in Mumbai on an unknown mission meets his friend Nara (Amitriyan). Fast on to the task, Satya joins as an advisor to builder Lahoti (Mahesh Thakur), clears an illegal land deal killing the opposition builder and police officer with a perfect sketch and execution. In parallel, there is a love story of Satya with village girl friend Chitra (Anaika Soti).
Lahoti senses the criminal spark in Satya and introduces him to other illegal business tycoons in Mumbai. Satya formulizes a virtual Company with no name (strange???) after analyzing the mistakes committed by past Mafia Dons like Dawood Ibrahim, Abu Salem, Chota Rajan etc. There is a vague target to serve the common man using this Company and thus formulates an un-perfect System with an elusive financial structure which produces a product called ‘Fear.’ Accomplishing the first drill, Company murders top industrialist, top cop and a top media person in society in no time. A shaken Government appoints senior police officer Purushottam Naik to crack the Company. What happened to Satya’s girl friend Chitra and friend Nara? Why Satya planned to finish the present Chief Minister? All these form the rest of unfinished climax with answers left in ‘Satya 3.’
Values & Out of the Movie Satya 2: As a film maker RGV has long ago lost his credibility. This project has just extended his mental imbalance with gruesome criminal ideology. There are plenty of loopholes in the script with many unrealistic killings and plenty of randomly ignored elements. Yet, it is the RGV’s adept knowledge in arranging the frames with creative camera angles of Vikash Saraf (Ex: Eagle Eye Camera Handling) with deafening background score from Amar Mohile, Kary Arora has blown some sort of conviction into the scenes. Point by point, RGV took to extreme cinematic liberties to show whatever he wants. Insincerity of RGV towards the work was consistently evidential. Neither RGV provided clarity on the business of Company or the way to accomplish its unmentioned goals. With lots of confusion and obscure, unsettled, uncertain episodes driving the story, audience are sure to start scratching their heads.                               
Performance wise, Puneet showed the needed intensity in some key scenes with casual formals, loose hair and frameless glasses. The romantic track between Puneet and Anaika Soti is poorly etched. Anaika’s excitement to ooze the shapes is well trapped in RGV style with anarchistic camera angles. Of the remaining artists, no one needs a special mention. Even on dialogues front, Radhika Anand’s work was missing in coherence. Production values of Sumanth Kumar Reddy and Mammoth Media are just passable.
Commercially, ‘Satya 2’ seems to be made on a meager budget and like all the RGV movies, even a week of run or satellite rights are enough to safeguard the interests of producers. Standards wise, ‘Satya 2’ is a subjacent product to ‘Satya.’
Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Satya 2: Unrealistic High Peaks of RGV Criminal Ideology
  source:cj Rating: 2/5

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SATYA-2 review
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Satya 2 is BM copy


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SATYA-2 review
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BM chudadame kastam malli daani copy na


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SATYA-2 review
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satya 2 movie review - torture2

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SATYA-2 review
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RGV's Satya 2 gone wrong
Looks like Ram Gopal Varma has not yet found his form. Latest  example is his film Satya 2. The film came to theatres today and has been lambasted to say the least.

It is hard to believe that Satya 2 is from the director of the iconic film Shiva, a film which went on to become a sensation. A film that ushered a new trend in Tollywood. But when the remake of Shiva came in 2006 with newcomers, it was shock for his fans. The film went wrong miserably.

He never learnt from his mistakes. His Satya came out in 1998. The film was praised and lauded. Bollywood had never seen something like this. Now 15 years later RGV has made its remake, Satya 2.The film is horrible, is the least we can say. It has received one verdict from all quarters, which is that it is bad. We really hope that this maverick director bounces back with a good film.


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