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Aata Aarambam Movie Review
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Film : Aata Aarambam
Producer : Srinu Babu.G
Director : Vishnuvardhan
Star Cast : Ajith Kumar, Arya, Nayantara, Taapsee Pannu..
Music Director : Yuvan Shankar Raja

andhrawishes   RATING : 2.5

Vishnuvardhan directorial Aata Aarambam is a movie of Ajith from the beginning to the end. He is seen in the anti role of a dutiful person with pepper and salt look. The plot of the movie is inspired by Mumbai 9/11 violence.

Ashok (Ajith) is a former bomb dispoals specialist worked for Maharashtra Anti Terrism Squad wants take revenge on the Maharashtra State Home Minister (Mahesh Manjrekar) who is the cause for the cancerous illegal activities conducted through the police force. Ashok gets support from Maya (Nayantara) and Arju (Arya).
It has to be seen on the screen how the vengeance is carried out and it was countered.
Analysis :
The stunt and chase sequences are captured with dexterity. Rana featuring with Ajith in the second half is captivating. Yuvan’s back ground music and tunes are not up to the mark. In order to make the film commercial the director seems to have allowed some mistakes creep in to the movie. It is not a flawless story but we are used to the dramatizing effects our Indian directors give to the action based movies also.
Performance :
Ajith’s action is superb. If at all the movie’s blunders are pardoned it will be due to Ajith’s acting talent and mannerisms on the screen. Rana, Nayantara, Mahesh Manjrekar have given excellent performance. Tapsy as a journalist played her part well. Arya is energetic as ever.
Final Word:The movie “Aata Aarambam” can be watched once to get the thrill of action sequences in the movie particularly of Ajith. If you don’t look critically for the faults in the movie, you will enjoy it excepting a scene or two that may look dull. But overall impression you get is that the movie is a good one if you don’t think of how better it could have been made.

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Aata Aarambam Movie Review
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