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BIRYANI movie review
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Karthi’s suspense thriller ”Biriyani’ has released today in Andhra Pradesh as well as Tamil Nadu. The movie has been directed by Venkat Prabhu and Hansika is the heroine. Gnanavel Raja has produced this movie on Studio Green banner. Karthi has been going through a lean run, so let us see if he can bounce back with this movie.
Story :
Sudheer (Karthi) is a handsome young fellow who has a special talent for attracting members of the opposite sex. He works in a Tractor company and gets into the good books of a wealthy industrialist named Varadarajan (Nasser).
After attending a party hosted in honour of Varadarajan, Sudheer and his friend Parasuram happen to come across a sizzling seductress named Maya (Mandy Takhar). Sudheer falls for Maya’s charms and decides to accompany her for a night of fun.
After getting drunk and wasted, all hell breaks loose when Sudheer wakes up in the morning. Maya is nowhere to be seen and Sudheer finds himself trapped in a murder case. He must now fight for his life and get out of a cleverly laid trap. He takes the help of his girlfriend (Hansika) and his buddies.
Will Sudheer succeed? What price will he have to pay to come out of this mess? That forms the story of this film.
Plus Points :
Karthi has good screen presence and he has given a neat performance in the film. He uses his natural charm to good effect in scenes where he flirts with women. Hansika looks good,though she has a very limited role. Nasser is ok as the rich industrialist.
Mandy Takhar has limited screen time but she sizzles as Maya. Premji is good in a few sequences but he has gone overboard at times. For about 15 minutes before the interval, the film picks up pace and the interval twist has been set up nicely. In the second half, suspense is maintained well for a while.
Minus Point :
Screenplay lacks conviction in the first half. There are so many pointless sequences in the first half and viewers will get the ” what the hell is going on? ” feeling a number of times. The voice used for Hansika’s dubbing does not suit the actress.
Telugu viewers will not find too many familiar faces in the film. The comedy has excessive Tamil flavour and will not appeal to everyone here. Perhaps, the makers should have usedthe voices of Telugu comedians for the dubbing work.
After some gripping moments in the second half, the climax of the film comes as a dampener. For regular entertainment seeking movie lovers in B and C centers, this film will not have too much appeal.

Technical Aspects :
Sakthi Saravanan’s cinematography is very mediocre. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background score is good, but the songs are very mediocre. Editing is decent. Dialogues are very ordinary.
Venkat Prabhu’s direction is ok in places, but this is definitely not his best effort. Studio Green’s production values are good.
Verdict :
Despite having the best ingredients, a biryani will taste good only if it has been prepared lovingly, in the proper way. Sadly, that is not the case with this ‘Biriyani’. Despite having some good actors and nice performances, substandard screenplay and weak direction spoil the flavour.You will be disappointed if you go in expecting sumptuous biryani, for this offering is more like fried rice. Rating – 2.75/5

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BIRYANI movie review
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Behind the Movie Biryani: Tamil hero Karthi has got sufficient market in Telugu to bag big openings. Although his last two releases disappointed, Karthi teamed with Venkat Prabhu and relied on this tasty title. Let us see, how delicious is the same on screen?

In the Movie Biryani: Story begins with introduction to playboy character of Sudheer (Karthi), who can flat any girl desired by his innocent friend Parasu (Premgi Amaren). Both of them work for Mahidra Tractors where Sudheer’s brother-in-law is also employed. There is also a sweet cute love story between Sudheer and TV reporter Priyanka (Hansika). In to non-linearity of story, there is corrupt businessman Varadarajulu (Nasser) and his relative Venkata Krishna (Ramky) impressed with Sudheer’s clever attitude.

On a cursed night, Sudheer and Parasu searching for Biryani Restaurant get caught in a murder trap. They follow one sexy lady Maya (Mandy Thakar) to a hotel room and spend the entire night boozing. Waking up morning in hang over, Sudheer and Parasu are caught by Police for kidnapping/murdering/missing of Varadarajulu. Meanwhile, CBI Officer Riyaz (Sampat) is assigned the duty to break the jinx. What is the plot behind? Who is Maya? What did a hit woman (Uma Riyaz Khan) has a role to play in this story? All these form the rest.

Values of the Movie Biryani: Hero Karthi’s performance, gripping episodes in pre-interval and second half are real life lines. The treatment offered by director Venkat Prabhu in cooking the film as comedy-romantic-thriller is definitely appreciable. Problem is Venkat could not balance the portions evenly. Script had few drawbacks decelerating the final punch. When it comes to Venkat’s professionalism in handling the thriller elements mixed with action, he was fine. It’s again the climax left unconvinced and much more expected. Sakthi Saravanan’s camera work is brilliant and inspiring with the mood. Editing wise, Praveen and Srikanth provided few sharp cuts which can be enjoyed by viewers. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s background is into the major league and songs wise, just average. Seshank Vennalakanti dialogues were fragmentally hilarious. Production values of Studio Green can be acknowledged.

Into performance part, Karthi has got a character with three shades. First he plays cool as playboy then transforms into confusion with the hangover and then, the third one shows his intensity to save family and friends. A bit of melodrama added into the pre climax wasn’t so necessary. Hansika did not have much to do. Ramky, Sampath did justice with the serious characterizations. Nasser is into his usual routine. Premgi Amaren is the real example of Aravam Athi, though good at times. Mandy Thakar is absolutely hot and hard to handle.

Out of the Movie Biryani: Still and all, Venkat is inspired from Hangover. Yet, he added those typical South Indian spices to bake this hot recipe of ‘Biryani.’ However, the dose and quantity of spices was uneven. Actually, film begins like a regular romantic comedy. Just before the pre interval, it speeds up sliding into a thriller. Then, Venkat succeed in managing the most of things in second half except climax. Presence of some loose ends could not deliver the right flavor of a strife thriller despite the presence of kick ass twists and turns. For front benchers, the black comedy between Mandy Takhar, Premgi and Karthi is a spicy crack. Song canned on these three was also innovative. The way suspense unfolds in second half was also dealt finer even though regular audiences are confused by the cunning levels of director.

In contempt of all the good and bad, ‘Biryani’ can be a worth to watch once on this weekend. The format selected by Venkat Prabhu in narrating the thin storyline might be more adored by Tamil public than Telugu. Overall, this ‘Biryani’ is yummy in parts.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Biryani: Not Completely Spicy.
Cinejosh Rating: 3