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Hatred on Mega Family: Uday Kiran Saga
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Yesterday media (social and conventional) went abuzz on suicide of Uday Kiran, an Telugu and Tamil film hero, The police have categorically mentioned it was due to financial and emotional stress, however they would be investigating the matter in order to rule out any element of other personal causes. the entire industry is shocked to hear this news.

Uday Kiran entered film industry though Chitram in 2000 and soon established himself as an bankable hero within 2 years, he rose to stardom soon enough for Megastar to consider him as as an suitable alliance for his elder daughter Sushmita, things went well and engagement was also completed in 2003 and soon enough for reasons best known to both mega family and Uday Kiran family, the marriage was called off, the official reason cited by both parties to media was incompatibility between the bride and bridegroom, Things moved on Sushmita went ahead and married an chennai based businessman and Uday Kiran continued to act in movies, however the taboo surrounding Uday Kiran regarding breakage of marriage with the girl from Telugu industry’s No 1 family was lingering around him in Industry for sometime, despite that Uday Kiran acted in 10-11 movies in Telugu and Tamil including established directors like K Balachander and Teja, however lady luck was not on his side this time around and unfortunately for him all his films bombed at the box office and soon he was left with hardly any offers, he married Vishitha in 2012 and has been staying away from his parents for more than 6 years.
After news of Uday Kiran’s suicide, mark yellow Telugu media channels and people in social media who hate mega family started spreading malicious campaigns that the Mega family played a big role in causing depression to Uday Kiran which eventually led to his suicide, perhaps the dumbest man in the world also would find it difficult to buy this nonsense theory, let us evaluate why
1. If Mega family had played a prominent role in ensuring Uday Kiran being devoid of opportunities in the industry, how could Uday Kiran manage to do 11 movies in both Telugu and Tamil film industries ?
2. If Uday Kiran acted in 11 movies and all of them tanked at the box office, are the yellow media channels and people who hate mega family implying that mega family casted a powerful spell on audience to dislike all his 11 movies ?
3. Some people are arguing he was denied chance working with top people, Uday Kiran carried an romantic hero image and he could not leverage on it despite making films with legendary director like K Balachander and his own mentor Tejas post engagement break off
4. Are the yellow media channels and some section of people implying that it Uday kiran was in depression for 10 years because of mega family and finally committed suicide? if so why would he marry the girl he loved in 2012 and why would he give interview to multiple media agencies citing how happy he is in life and how he is trying hard to make his mark again in the industry? &

Its high time, media channels start realizing that they are not only sounding silly with their stupid conspiracy theories but also have their credibility at all time low, the media is supposed to bring the truth to public not create conspiracy theories based on its whims and fancies, that majority of media in AP is run by a segment of dominant caste is not exactly a secret and one also knows the sort of caste equations that run in AP and how the sole intention of majority of news channels run by such people is to put down Mega family which is undoubtedly ruling the TFI from the last 30 years, this isn’t the preliminary attempt by regional media nor will it be an penultimate attempt but the media should realize that with time even the dumb minds evolve and sooner rather than later people have started seeing the sweet pill behind the bitter mask that the media is coating, as for people who hate mega family and who continue to spread laughable rumours and theories, I would have nothing to say, this world has plenty of people who have been not so lucky with good IQ levels, but blessed with exceptional levels of SQ (Stupidity Quotient), my heartfelt condolences to such people and humble advice to them to start understanding how Karma works.. What goes around comes around.
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