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Racy screenplay along with generous doses of humour thanks to Bramhanandam.

Fights by Peter Heins and the three songs were nicely picturised and choreographed.

Appeared like it ended too quickly, but, the the pace and the twist were unexpected.


Flashback episode partly set in college and a 'Basti" where Shashank and his Father LB.Sriram and fellow inhabitants Surekha Vani reside.

Shruti Hassan was limited to appear mostly in couple of songs and few scenes before final showdown with Sai Kumar in flashaback.

'Freedom' and 'Pimple dimple" had nice choreography.

Heavily resemblance to 'Nayak's" flashback episode, was somewhat boring till the pre climax scene.

Climax was swiftly done away with in addition to the last frame of Charan and Shruti.


Every artist who has been part of the movie right from the male leads to the female leads in addtion to the supporting cast of comedians and villans were aptly given screen-time.

Music including songs and background are an asset.

The running length of the movie.

Innovative approach to story-telling format having revenge as main thme.


Second half seemed somewhat dragged till pre-climax.

Due to the serious theme of the movie the humor element was side-tracked hence, the quantity was less compared to Raccha and Nayak.

Ram Charan should make sure that he tries to try more new things of this type before he is branded as "Revenge Ram Charan" because five of his six movies had revenge as backdrop but, its too early in his career and his next movie is going to have a family backdrop.