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Paisa Review - 1st in internet
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Tag line : Krisha bhayya....cherry movie anna baga teesi block buster ayyela choodandi

performances, 1st half report, 2nd half report, minus points anni unnay bhayya... yevadu inka konni rojulu iragaadestadi..

Welcome to the Telugu Movie review of Paisa starring Nani , Catherine , Siddhika Sharma directed by Krishna Vamsi on Yellow Flowers banner produced by Ramesh Puppala. The music direction is done by Sai Karthik.
Plot :
The Plot revolves around three aspects  - Politics, Hawala and a love traingle.
Noor [ Catherine Tersa ] is a muslim girl who is in love with Sherwani Model Prakash [ Nani ] – who dreams of getting big money  of 1 Crore to settle down life. To get to his goals , Nani tries to woo Sweety [ Siddique Sharma ] ,the daughter of a big-shot .  Noor comes to know of this closeness between Prakash and Sweety and decides to get married old Shaikh to save her family from financial crisis. Prakash realises Noor’s true love for him .
In another parallel track , Saradhi – Sanyasi Raju fightout in Elections as an MLA in Royalapatnam . Sanyasi Raju arranges 50 Cr as Election fund using Hawala transaction . Sardahi tries to  steal the hawala money to defeat Sanyasi Raju .
Story takes a turn when  Nani finds the 50 Cr hawala cash in his car in an attempt to save Noor from goons . Two rival batches , investigation teams are after him now .
How these three lead characters in love triangle get into the middle of Hawala mess and  . How does Prakash deal with people who are after “paisa” and will he have that “paisa” with him at the end , who wins Prakash finally – forms the rest of the story .
Performances :
Nani has stuck into the Prakash character who believes money is the 11th incarnation of God. He is apt for the role which believes as ” Paisa ee Paramatma ”
Catherine has looked good in the songs and she also suited the character well.
Siddique Sharma sizzled in the song “Maaya Maaya ” with hot curves . Nothig much to write about her otherwise.
Charan Raj has done well as doting father and rude politician . Bharath, Tabar  are just okay with their performances .
Technical Aspects
Krishna Vamsi – Too many things for him to cover in two hours time and ended up as a mess in most part of the movie .
There are flashes of brilliance in the movie especially in the second half after money reaches Prakash, but otherwise it looks director tried too hard to connect politics , hawala and love story into one narration .
Cinematogrpahy , Choreography are not upto the mark and looks outdated.
Music by Sai Karthik is above average and BGM is loud in the second half.
Paisa Movie Rating Verdict : 2.50 ki ekkuva – 3 Ki thakkuva. Paisa Rating : 2.75 /5

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