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Soggadu which is the biggest blockbuster in Nata Bhushan Shoban Babu gaari career. Here are some titbits of this movie. K.Bapaiah directed movie and Movie Moghal D.Ramanaidu produced the film

* soggadu ran 50 days in 30 direct centers across the state.
* 'soggadu' ran 100 days in 19 centers with 17 direct centers and 2 shifted centers.
* 'soggadu' collected a share of Rs.1.50+ crores in its full run.
* 'soggadu' is the first film in Telugu film industry to run with house fulls for more than 50 days (all shows for 57 days)(Vijayawada-Alankar).
* 'soggadu is the first film in Telugu film industry which ran with house fulls for 35 days in five centers ( Vijayawada-57 days, Vizag-39 days, Guntur-Saraswathi-39 days, Rajahmundry-Swamy-35 days, Tirupathi-V.V. Mahal 35 days)
* None of the films collected even half of the share of 'soggadu' in the year. Moreover, no movie of tollywood in the year, ran for at least half of the centers of 'soggadu's 100 days centers then.