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Aha Kalyanam REVIEW
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TA Rating :- 3/5
Cast & Crew :- Nani,Vani Kapoor
Direction :- Gokul Krishna

What is Aaha Kalyanam about?

Shruti (Vaani Kapoor) is 20-something no-nonsense girl from middle class Hyderabadi household. Focused and determined with preplanned ambitions, her goal in life is well laid out by the time she reaches her final year of college. Shakti (Nani), on the other hand, has no real aim in life. As a final year student, he whiles away his life having fun with his friends.

A chance and opportune meeting or fate brings the two of them together on a tumultuous journey where they become partners in their very own wedding planning business.The rules however are clear: Finance and romance can never go hand in hand.Together, their friendship and business, enters the ups and down of the lavish Hyderbadi weddings. And while trying to find themselves, Shruti and Shakti discover each other and realize that rule book cannot be followed always.

How did they perform?:

Band Baaja Baarat is a flawless movie faithful to its script. You see the actors Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma seamlessly embed in the movie. But Band Baaja Baarat fans may find Nani and Vaani Kapoor a misfit in to the roles. But when you take one at a time, Nani will remain at his cool self with high energy quotient. Vaani is pretty and has tremendous screen presence but does not take the role to next level.

Simran played a little cameo nothing exciting but fared well. Badava Gopi as Hyder, M.J. Sriram and the other cast are okay to their respective roles.

Technical Performances:

Aaha Kalyanam is a faithful remake of Band Baaja Baarat, hence debutante, Gokul did not have enough chance to showcase his story skills. The screenplay also is in the lines of BBB. The challenge with a remake of a successful film is that you have to draw the right performances for your cast and keep the feel in tact to the original. Gokul managed it well.

Even though a dubbing film the dialogues are too good. Cinematography is colorful with not much of technique. Rerecording by Dharan Kumar is decent. All the songs are well shot. Bavan’s editing should have been more crisp to engage the audience. Production values are up to Yash Raj films’ reputation.

Final Say:

Aaha Kalyanam is such kind of movie which is comparable to its original in all possible ways except for the feel and enigma created by BBB.Even good actors like Nani and Vani Kapoor seemed slightly artificial when compared to Ranveer and Anushka. People who did not watch the original will enjoy it especially the multiplex crowd. Go for it to kill your pass time!

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Aha Kalyanam REVIEW
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The prestigious Yash Raj Films ventured into South Indian film production with Aha Kalyanam. The movie is the official remake of Band Baaja Baarat. Starring the super talented Nani and Vaani Kapoor, this film is directed by debutante Gokul Krishna. Aha Kalyanam has hit the screens today and let’s see how it is.
Story :-
Shakti(Nani) is an aimless graduate, who does not know what to do with his life. One fine day, he meets Shruthi(Vaani Kapoor) at a wedding and becomes friends with her. Shruthi is an ambitious girl, who wants to start up her own wedding planning company.
One day, Shakti’s dad urges him to come back to his village and take care of their family business. In order to avoid his dad, Shakti lies to him that he is doing wedding planning as a business. In order to make his lie a truth, he meets Shrtuhi and requests her to make him her partner in the wedding planning business.
Shakti starts pestering Shruthi, and after a lot of deliberation, she agrees to partner with Shakti. They launch a wedding planning company called Getti Melam. As time passes by, their company becomes a huge success and Getti Melam becomes the talk of the town.
One fine day when Shruthi and Shakthi are celebrating their success, a small incident changes the dynamics of their personal relationship and both part ways..
What is that incident ? What happens to their business ? Will the couple get back together ? For all these answers you need to watch this film on big screen.
Plus Points:-
If Band Baaja Baarat was both Anushka and Ranveer’s show, Aha Kalyanam is undoubtedly Nani’s show all the way. His Tapori act and the way he has carried off his character is spell binding. Not even once, does one get reminded of Ranveer Singh from the original. He has tried his best to make this film tick.
Vaani Kapoor is definitely a find, and does well for her first film down south. She had a difficult character and has carried it off well. Her chemistry with Nani is good. First half of the film is entertaining mostly because of Nani’s antics.
Songs and dances have been picturized well. One of the important romantic scenes looks good on screen and has been shot very aesthetically
Minus Points:-
After watching the trailers, all those who had an opinion that Aha Kalyanam looked more like a Tamil film, are spot on. The entire culture, artists and set up is nothing like that of Telugu films. Though the weddings have been showcased well, they have an alien feel. The lack of Telugu nativity is felt sorely.
Second half of the film lacks emotional depth. In Band Baaja Baraat, the second is terrific and takes the film to another level. The entire second half has many dull moments and lacks the pace.
Aha Kalyanam is a faithful copy of Band Baaja Baarat, and those who have seen the Hindi version might not like this film.
The supporting cast is yet another drawback of this film. None of the characters make an impression, as Nani is left by himself to carry the film on his shoulders. Simran’s special appearance does not impress much.
Technical Aspects:-
Aha Kalyanam is high on technical values. As said earlier, all the weddings have been showcased colorfully. The art department has done a wonderful job in making this film look rich. Music of the film is just about OK, and only one or two songs are impressive. Background score is soothing.
Dialogues are impressive, and the ones written for Nani are hilarious. Screenplay of the film is apt in the first half, but some scenes in the second half lack clarity.
Director Gokul Krishna does not make a very good case for himself with this movie. He has just faithfully copied this film from the original.
Aha Kalyanam is a film works partially only because of Nani’s star status and talent. Sizzling chemistry from the lead pair is a plus. But a dragged out second half with not much of emotional depth spoils the fun. You can give this film a shot only for Nani, otherwise there is nothing Aaha about it
123telugu Rating – 2.75/5