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Celebrities Tweets about Manam
« on: May 23, 2014, 05:03:38 PM »
Ram Gopal Varma [email protected]
There was a standing ovation at the end in the theatre I saw Manam which I doubt ever happens for a telugu film

Ram Gopal Varma [email protected] 40m
Manam is the first constructive demonstration that Tollywood actually can go into a new age of cinema thus breaking done to death shackles

Ram Gopal Varma [email protected] 43m
Just Saw Manam. ..If it was made in Bollywood it wud hav straight gone for 100 crores..its an avant garde product but deeply rooted in earth

Manchu Manoj [email protected] 1h
I congratulate Manam team for their brilliant movie :) I’m officially a fan of Akhil now:) loved it throughout :)

vennela kishore [email protected] 1h
Weekend plan: Manam first, vikrama simha next, x men later..shareeram sahakaristhe Heropanti kuda..shit..godzilla miss ainattundey!!

Samantha Ruth Prabhu [email protected] 4h
So so happy with the unanimous positive reports on Manam..God’s favt child 5th year in a row.. Thankyou so much for all your support

Samantha Ruth Prabhu [email protected] 12h
Waiting for your thoughts on manam.. Good premier. Fingers crossed

Nagarjuna Akkineni [email protected] 12h
#ANRlivesOn overwhelmed by the response after the premier/back home now and missing nana/ANRs magic is on:)

rajamouli ss [email protected] 12h
Subtle performance and chaithu’s matured performance. What can I say about Nageswararao garu!!only one thing..

rajamouli ss [email protected] 12h
Makes you laugh, brings out a tear or two and makes you long for more. all the actors performed their heart out. Really lovd Nagarjunagaru’s

rajamouli ss [email protected] 12h
The legendary ANR. My whole hearted appreciation to the director, Vikram for making a complicated story seem simple. The film warms ur heart

rajamouli ss [email protected] 12h
#Manam is a well written, well performed, well photographed, well directed film with good music.A fitting farewell by the Akkineni family to

Shobu Yarlagadda [email protected]_ 12h
Thoroughly enjoyed #Manam. Beautiful, sweet, funny and romantic!! Must watch with the entire family!

deva katta [email protected] 13h
“Manam” is fun, mesmerising at evry frame. A sweet feel good, full family full

Adivi Sesh [email protected] 13h
MANAM is fantastic! Nostalgia with ANR, humor with Chai, and an acting masterclass by Nag & Shriya! Kudos to Ps Vinod, Vikram & Anup!

Lakshmi Manchu [email protected] 13h
What a movie. Must watch #Manam

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Celebrities Tweets about Manam
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