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Sharwanand's "Run Raja Run" REVIEW
« on: August 01, 2014, 04:11:08 PM »
Review : Run Raja Run – Breezy Entertainer

Young hero Sharwanand, has always been a talent to watch out for. But sadly, some of his previous films did not click at the box office. Now after a brief gap, he is back with a romantic entertainer Run Raja Run. Directed by debutante Sujeeth, this film has hit the screens today. Let’s see whether Sarwanand gets his much deserved comeback.
There are a series of kidnappings happening in the city, and a special officer Sampath(Dileep Kumar) is appointed for the task. On the other hand, Raja(Shawanand) is a quirky young guy who breaks up with many girls only to find his perfect match.
One fine day, he meets Sampaths daughter Priya (Seerath Kapoor) and falls in love with her. Knowing this, Sampath assigns Raja a special task of nabbing the kidnapper, in order win his daughters hand. A small twist in the tale occurs, and things take a mighty U turn.
What is that twist ? How will Raja solve the kidnapping mystery ? How is he associated to all the happenings ? For answers to all these questions, you need to watch the film on the big screen.
Plus Points:-
Let’s start with Sharwanand. He has a tailor made role in the film, and has once again proved what a power house performer he is. The way he goes about his character is superb. He surprises us with his uber cool look and exhilarating energy in his performance. It’s a complete make over for him, which he delivers with utmost authority.
Yet another major plus point of the film, is the interesting story. The various twists and turns that have been showcased are quite unique and will surely surprise the audience. Debutante Seerat Kapoor is ok for her first film, and provides the necessary glamour. Adavi Sesh is the surprise package of the film. His character has been written cleverly, and the handsome actor plays the role of a police officer with utmost sincerity.
First half of the film is very entertaining. It has the necessary romance, comedy and sudden twists and turns. Dilip Kumar from Mirchi fame, does a superb job of a police officer to the core.
Minus Points:-
Major minus point of the film is the first 15 minutes after the interval. After setting the pace of the film beautifully till the first half, pace of the film bogs down completely. Unnecessary scenes and songs come into the picture. As said above, at least one song could have been chopped off.
Though the film has enough twists and turns, once the twist is revealed, the film gets predictable towards the end. As we get ready for an interesting climax, it has been a bit hurried up.
Technical Aspects:-
Run Raja Run is quite good in its technicalities. Right from Sharwanand’s look to the production values, UV creations should be lauded for giving the film a super cool and fresh look.
Camera work is good, as it presents the film in a new light. The locations selected, and the way the songs have been shot is also good. Ghibran’s music is quite entertaining and so is the background score. Coming to the director Sujeeth, he has impressed us with his first attempt. The way he has handles the story and narrates it in an romantic and entertaining way is impressive.
Screenplay of the film is quite good, and the way the twists and turns have been unveiled is also pretty good. Editing is just about ok and at least five minutes of Sharwa’s love track in the second half could have been chopped off.
On the whole, Run Raja Run is a perfect comeback film for Sharwanand. Though the film bogs down a bit after the interval, Sharwanand’s stylish and entertaining character, various twists and turns make this film a breezy entertainer. Recommended. Rating –3.25/5

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Sharwanand's "Run Raja Run" REVIEW
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What is ‘Run Raja Run’?
Sampath (Dileep Kumar) is appointed as the special officer to nab a kidnapper responsible for a series of kidnaps happening in the city. On the other side, there is Raja (Sharwanand) who is a happy go lucky guy who is still in search of his perfect match after several breakups. He then falls for Priya (Seerat Kapoor) who happens to be the daughter of Sampath. The later asks Raja to nab the kidnapper to win his daughter’s hand. While digging in to the case, a sudden twist occurs. What is it? How it changes the story? has to be seen on the big screen.
How did they perform?
Sharwanand underwent a total makeover for this film. He looked very stylish and also improved a lot as an actor and he carried the role seamlessly. Seerat was okay for a first timer and handles the the glamour quotient required. Adivi Sesh is seen as a police officer and he managed a wonderful role and it will be a turning point to his career. Dileep Kumar who also acted in Mirchi did justice to the Special officer role. Rest of the characters are okay.
Technical Performance:
Sujith seem to be a very good find for the film industry. He handles everything about the movie well right from the story, screenplay, styling etc. The screenplay is the major highlight with twists and revealing them at the right time. The only negative for the film is the first 20minutes or so in the beginning of the second half.
Ghibran has given fresh album for the movie but the placement of the songs did not go well. The back ground score is also refreshing. Madhie’s camera work is an asset to the film and the visuals made the film look much richer. Editing should have been better in the second half.
Final Say:
Except for the little slump in the second half, Run Raja Run entertains to the core right from the start go. This film may be the one Sharwanand is waiting for years together. Winner of this week and enjoy it with your family.
Tollywoodandhra Rating: 3.25/5

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Sharwanand's "Run Raja Run" REVIEW
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Run Raja Run is a wholesome Entertainer with some what Fresh story & Cool Screenplay!. Go Watch It!.

Story :

One fine morning, Raja ( Sarwanand ) & Priya ( Seerath ) meet and fall in love. Priya`s father, Dileep Kumar ( Sampath ) is the police Commissioner who is dealing with the ongoing Kidnapping Racket in Town. Fed up of failing to break the cases and not wanting his Daughter to marry Raja, Dileep plans a fake mission with him. What was that and how it all turned out forms the rest. The film is better enjoyed without knowing the story or characters.


Sarwanand has delivered the goods with ease and is brilliant in romantic scenes!. Sampath & Adivi Sesh as cops are fine. Seerath Kapoor and the rest are adequate.

Technical Departments

Music: Ghibran gave some fresh tunes and songs are even better on screen!. BGM is cool & apt.

Cinematography:  Nice!.

Editing: 137 Minutes, Good..

Story,Screenplay & Direction :

The film is you typical Entertainer but in an altogether different format!. It continues to surprise you even until the end with Turns & Twists!. A Fresh subject laced with Good comedy & interesting narration!. The 1st half starts on a good note and never there is a dull moment. But as the story unfolds one might feel some slow down in the middle of 2nd half but it continues to surprise the audience with Twists later!. You can say, The Director has intelligently made a Routine Entertainer but just that he made sure we don`t know it until it gets over!. Who cares?.. What matters is it entertains us & thrills make sure its interesting too!.

The Makers ( of Mirchi ), UV Creations deserve a pat on the back for Producing this trusting the Débutante Director Sujeet!.


1. Comedy

2. Screenplay

3. Twists

4. Music

5. Dialogues


1. Lack of Big Names

2. Drag in 2nd Half

ABO Rating: 3.5 / 5 ( Go Watch It! )

Box-office Verdict:

Hit Raja Hit!.

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Sharwanand's "Run Raja Run" REVIEW
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Congrats for sharwanand for super hit film......... mouth talk bagunddi movie ki


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