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Chiranjeevi Devantakudu
« on: September 20, 2014, 07:35:09 AM »
Damayanthi Art Productions
Devanthakudu (1984)
Technical: Color
Reels: 14
Release Date: April 12, 1984
Cast and Crew of the flick:
Chiranjeevi ... Vijay
Vijayashanti ... Shanti
Narayana Rao ... Chanti
Varalakshmi ... Vijay's Sister
Chittibabu ... Chowdhary-abbai
Rohini ... Lalitha
Gollapudi Maruthi Rao ... Ramanujam
Gummadi Venkateswara Rao ... Police Commissioner Prabhakar Rao
Gokina Ramarao ... Dharmaraj
Hari ... Arun Kumar
Other Cast: Kota Srinivasa Rao, Arza Janardhana Rao, Annapurna, Silk Smitha, Vijayalakshmi, etc.
Dialogues: Thotapalli Madhu (Debut)
Lyrics: Veturi Sundararamamurthy, Gopi, Jyothirmayi
Editing: Goutham Raju
Camera: N. Kesava
Story: Smt. Shoba
Music: J.V. Raghavulu
Assistant Director: N. Siva Nageswara Rao
Associate Director: Reddy Tharani Rao
Producer: Narayana Rao
Screenplay, Direction: S.A .Chandrasekhar
Chellammaki Pellanta, Annayya ku Sambaramanta!
Lyrics: Gopi
Playback: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, S.P. Sailaja
Cast: Chiranjeevi, Varalakshmi, Narayana Rao, Rohini
Chilakochi Kodutunte Chirubugga
Lyrics: Veturi Sundararamamurthy
Playback: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, S.P. Sailaja
Cast: Chiranjeevi, Vijayashanti
Ghadikayo Kaugilinta, Gantako Pulakarinta
Lyrics: Veturi Sundararamamurthy
Playback: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, P. Susheela
Cast: Chiranjeevi, Vijayashanti
Chellemmaki PellanTa (pathos)
Lyrics: Gopi
Playback: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam
Cast: Chiranjeevi, Narayana Rao
Aakesi, Peetesi, Mungitlo Muggesi
Lyrics: Jyothirmayi
Playback: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam, Susheela
Cast: Chiranjeevi, Vijayashanti
Ne Kubusam Vidichina Naaguni
Lyrics: Veturi Sundararamamurthy
Playback: S.P. Balasubrahmanyam
Cast: Chiranjeevi, Silk Smitha
Vijay (Chiranjeevi), a happy go lucky guy, bets on anything if provoked and wins the bet at any cost. He gets framed in the murder of Arun (Hari) on one such occasion. How he proves his innocence forms the rest of the story.
About the film:
This is 68th film for Chiranjeevi.
Chiranjeevi acted in 10 films in 1984:
Allullosthunnaaru (11.02.'84)
Goonda (23.02.'84)
Hero (23.03.'84)
Devanthakudu (12.04.'84)
Mahanagaramlo Maayagaadu (28.06.'84)
Challenge (09.08.'84)
Inti Guttu (14.09.'84)
Naagu (11.10.'84)
Agni Gundam (23.11.'84)
Rusthum (21.12.'84).

The hit combination of Chiranjeevi and Vijayashanti (as main heroine) started with this film. There were three other films in 1984 with the same combo and two of them, Devanthakudu and Challenge, were big hits too.
Kota Srinivasa Rao got the first 100-days shield with this film.
Directors Siva Nageswara Rao and Tharani worked in the direction department for this film.
Thotapalli Madhu debuted as a dialogue writer with this film.
Producer-Actor Narayana Rao speaks...
I did Chattaaniki Kallu Levu (30.10.'81) with S.A. Chandrasekhar in the past and with that film's success, both Chiranjeevi and S.A. Chandrasekhar got busy. When I planned to start a film on Damayanthi Arts banner (named after my mother), I asked Chiranjeevi for his dates. He agreed to do it without even listening to the story, thanks to his confidence in me. S.A. Chandrasekhar was doing a Kannada film titled Geluvu Nannade (1983) with Ambarish and Kannada Prabhakar in the lead. When I met him in Bangalore during the film's making, he narrated the film's story to me. I liked the basic idea of the movie and bought the Telugu remake rights for the film. The Kannada version came to theaters even before the Telugu version started shooting, and it was declared a flop very soon! Chandrasekhar suggested that we should go with another story, since the Kannada original failed miserably. But I liked the story, and thus so I sat with Thotapalli Madhu and Siva Nageswara Rao to incorporate changes in the story. Both Ambarish and Prabhakar were heroes in the Kannada version, but we changed that in Telugu. Thotapalli Madhu was a play-writer at that time. I watched his play in Vijayawada once. I gave him the offer of Devanthakudu when we chanced to meet and when I learnt he was looking for an opportunity.
Vijayashanti was just an upcoming heroine at that time, and current-day producer A.M. Rathnam worked as her makeup man and also looked after her dates. She did the role of my sister in the film Pelli Chesi Choopistaam (1983, made on Sri Ramana Chitra banner, with Chandramohan in the lead). I liked her performance in that film and offered her the heroine role in Devanthakudu. That was the first film for her as the main heroine with Chiranjeevi; she was his second heroine in Sangharshana. ...Silk Smitha actually liked parallel films such as Chilakamma Cheppindi or Oka Oori Katha and discussed such films with me. She wanted to do such roles in films, but she unfortunately never got to realize her dream! Unlike others, she never posed any problems to me during the shooting.
We started the film in the end of October '83. The talkie part was completed in 22 days in Hyderabad; most of the film was shot in Sarathi Studios and Hyderabad Public School. All the cast were accommodated in Hotel Ashoka. The song chellemmaki peLLanTa... was also shot in the same schedule. It didn't have any complicated dance steps for Chiranjeevi since he just suffered a ligament tear from the shooting for Sangharshana; he had to go to London to get treated for the same. Even though we completed the talkie part, we thus had to wait for almost five months to complete the songs. The other songs were all shot in Chennai. The movie was completed in 22 lakh rupees. We sold the film all over Andhra Pradesh, but released in Ceded through our (Navayuga) distribution office. The film was a hit and brought profits to everyone

Writer Thotapalli Madhu on his debut:
I hail from Vijayawada and I used to participate in plays in Balanandam programme in All India Radio. When I was sixteen, I performed a play in Puttaparthi on the occasion of the birthday of Sri Satya Saibaba gaaru. After that, I started writing plays too. One of my plays, Pelli Sandadi (which was later made as the film Chitram.. Bhalaare Vichitram!) was a good hit and some of my plays were published by Srirama Book Depot (of Vijayawada) as a book. K. Balachander gaaru saw the play once and asked me to come meet him once I completed my graduation. Thus, I landed at his house right after my degree examinations. Narayana Rao gaaru was planning a movie with K. Balachander gaaru then, but it didn't work out. Narayana Rao gaaru read my plays and offered me Devanthakudu when he obtained the remake rights of the Kannada film. My remuneration for the movie was Rs. 12,500. The film was a big hit and established me as a writer; the 100 days function was held at Sandhya 35 mm theater in Hyderabad, and I vividly remember that we were accommodated in Hotel Annapurna at Nampally when we attended the event. In these 25 years, I wrote for 193 movies!

Siva Nageswara Rao speaks about Devanthakudu:
When Narayana Rao gaaru got the rights for the film, Narayana Rao gaaru, Thotapalli Madhu, and I sat at Narayana Rao gaari house on Nandisetty Street (Chennai) during nights to discuss the movie. His wife used to send us kajjikaayalu and tea until wee hours of the morning. Sometimes, we used to walk along the Mount Road (Chennai) in the early hours after the late night session for a cup of tea. We saw the Kannada version before we completed the script and thought of dropping the subject entirely at one stage. But Narayana Rao gaaru liked the story, and so we worked some more to make some changes to the story development. I was also doing another film with Chiranjeevi in the lead at that time. I was acting as an Assistant Director to Kranthi Kumar for the film Agni Gundam at the same time, and both the films were shot simultaneously, thus keeping me in story discussions at both places. Maharshi Raghava was an associate for Kranthi Kumar gaaru, while Tharani Rao was an associate for Devanthakudu. Silk Smitha was also working for both movies. ...She had a good sense of make-up and dressing for the song.
Initially, we considered taking Rao Gopal Rao gaaru for the role of Dharmaraj. There was a night shot in the film where Dharmaraj would be drenched in petrol and set  to fire as he runs. It was November and it was quite cold, and we were not sure if Rao Gopal Rao gaaru should be made to take such a trouble. We thus chose Gokina Ramarao for that role, and he took some rum raw, drenched himself with ice cold water on his head, and did that shot through half the night without a complaint about coldness! Such was his dedication!

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Chiranjeevi Devantakudu
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Another important titibit
The director of the film S. A. Chandrashekar is Tamil Hero Vijay's father. He did 3 films with Chiranjeevi.

1. Chattaniki Kallu Levu (October 30, 1981)
2. Palletoori Monagaadu (Feb 5, 1983)
3. Devantakudu (April 12, 1984)


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