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Ram Charan Latest Times Of India Interview
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Ram Charan chills out in Bengaluru

He is the son of Telugu legend Chiranjeevi, but Ram Charan has no airs of being a star kid. The actor, who is in Bengaluru to chill out and prepare for his upcoming films as well, is not only eloquent but also frank. Taking time off from his hectic workout routine, Charan spoke to us about his love for the city, marriage, and more while also showing us around the family-owned farmhouse, which his entire family — all 50 of them — visits every year during Sankranti. Excerpts...

How come you're in namma Bengaluru?
I am on my yearly break in Bengaluru at the farmhouse we bought nearly 15 years ago. This is the time that I disconnect from everything and everyone and just prepare for my films. I go cycling, work out at the gym, and train here. More importantly, I'm here because I love Bengaluru. It is a beautiful city and the climate is just brilliant. It's already peak summer and the evenings and mornings are so pleasant.

Do you have friends, in Sandalwood or otherwise, who you catch up with while here?
I don't know anyone personally in Sandalwood and so, I don't meet anyone while I'm here. I do know Sudeep and Kriti Kharbanda, but only on a professional level.

How does your wife deal with your profession?
It was difficult for her initially. She was happy to be an actor's wife and thought that it would be a piece of cake before we got married, because she had known me for seven years. But the parameters changed after we got married; there were times when she would get upset over a song sequence I did. My mother and I would have to then make her understand. Later, she started coming with me on outdoor shoots and realized that at all times we're surrounded by thousands of people who are watching us act. Now she has grown out of it and copes well.

You've acted with many top actresses. Which one of them are you most comfortable with and why?
I'm most comfortable with Kajal Aggarwal and Tamannaah. Kajal and I grew up together in the industry. We were nervous at the same time, learnt together and enjoyed our hits together. And since I've done four films with her, she is like my buddy. We're like two boys on the set, so I guess I connect best with her. Tamannaah, on the other hand, is very professional. In fact, she is too perfect sometimes.

Any plans of acting in a Kannada film?
I would love to act in a Kannada film, perhaps in a cameo at first. Mr and Mrs Ramachari is one of the best Kannada films I've seen. Yash, the protagonist, is a phenomenal actor. In fact, I was approached to do a remake of the film, but I declined it, as I didn't want to tamper with the original. I learnt my lesson with Zanjeer and so, I don't wish to do remakes when the original itself is brilliant. Adaptations and extensions though are fine.

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Ram Charan Latest Times Of India Interview
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Ram Charan Latest Times Of India Interview
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Charan looking awesome....  :-*

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Ram Charan Latest Times Of India Interview
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