Friday , 27 November 2015
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Pawan Kalyan’s interview to Sunil

Pawan Kalyan with Sunil Bogi
Megafan Sunil aka Vamsi met Powerstar Pawan Kalyan in a flight and had exclusive chat with him.
Here’re the excerpts from that interview.

Today is one of the most memorable day in my life as I met Andhra Power Star Pawan Kalyan in a flight.

I’m lucky enough to sit along with him and talk to him for a long time. He is very cool, most down-to-earth star I have ever seen,

He received my wishes with full heart and answered all my questions with patience and smile.

Here is some interesting conversation between us:

Sunil a.k.a Vamsi: Hello Sir, Very Nice to meet you. I’m feeling like a man in heaven right now.
Pavan: Hello andi, How are you?
Sunil: Very fine andi. Meeru elaa unnaru?
Pavan: Baavunnanu – Smiling
Sunil: Like Millions of your other fans, I’m also a big fan of you sir. I couldn’t believe my eyes still.
Pavan: Thanks amma.
Sunil: Sir, photos theesukovachaa?
Pavan: Sure. No problem.

Few photos have been taken with smiles

Sunil: Enti andi meeru intha sannam (skinny) ga ayipoyaaru. Prajarajyam campaigning lo koncham bulky ga undevaaru kadaa.
Pavan: Yes, I lost weight. Next movie kosam andi.
Sunil: Sir, mee movie eppudu release avuthundi? Fans mu andaram kallu kaayalu kaachela eduru choosthunnam.
Pavan: Chinna problem undi amma. Maro 2 months lo movie shooting avuthundi.

I didn’t dare to ask what is the problem

Sunil: Sir, Mee Kushi movie around 60 times choosanu. E dialogue ayinaa nidra lo adiginaa cheppesthaanu.
Pavan: Ha ha, Naaku kooda aa movie ante chaala istam amma.
Sunil: Sir, TeenMaar movie ki super duper hit talk vachindi reviewers/audience nunchi. Songs ippatikee maa phones lo maarumroguthunnayi sir.
Pavan: Thank you.

I was not in a level to suggest him that the movie would have been had a great response if he comes in front of the media and speak about the movie after release.

Sunil: Manalaa evarundaleru ani, valla kaadu ani balla gudhi chepudaam (Sang little bit of Aale Balle song from TeenMaar)
Pavan: Ha ha. – Laughing
Sunil: Movie annee piracy avuthunnayi sir. Anduke ekkuva days theaters lo aadatam ledu.
Pavan: Piracy ni manandaram kalisi aapaali. Pirated CDs choodakoodadu, Pirated songs vinakoodadu. Please..
Sunil: Sir, Meeru Twitter lo login ayye aalochana undaa? I’m sure you will get lakhs of followers.
Pavan: Yeah. Chooddam!!
Sunil: Sir, we all like your social commitment and maata meeda nilabade thathavam.
Pavan: Thank you.
Sunil: Sir, Magadheera choosaara? RAM CHARAN meeda mee opinion enti?
Pavan: Magadheera is one of my favorite film. Ram Charan is very grounded, down to earth and beloved person.
Sunil: Sir, Badrinadh choosara?
Pavan: Yeah. Arjun is an amazing dancer. Wishing him happy married life.
Sunil: Sir, Mega Star gaarini okka saari kalavaalani undi. Ee janma ki adi chaalu.
Pavan: Thappakundaa.
Sunil: Sir, mee stars ki just memu fans laane thelusu. Memu maathram mee gurinchina athi chinna vishayaalani kooda pattinchukuntoo theevram ga aalochisthoo untaam. Maa dreams annee mee meedane. Mee place lo mammalni oohinchukuntoo padukuntaam.
Pavan: Thanks andi. Thank you very much. Maaku kooda mee gurinchina chaalaa vishayaalu thelusthaayi. Thanks for everything. Meere maa asset.
Sunil: Sir, Industry lo meere eppatikee Number 1. No doubt about it.
Pavan: (Smiles)

Inkaa chaala vishayaalu maatlaadukunnam. Ee lopu flight land avuthundadam tho paatu janaalu andarikee Pavan Kalyan flight lo unnadani thelisipoyindi.

I was so excited and lost my mind to ask about politics. It was fun and most memorable journey.