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Pawan Kalyan ‘s Attarintiki Daredi is currently in the post-production phases.Attarintiki daredi Audio Songs and Theatrical trailer releaased and got huge response from fans.The makers are ready to release this film on August 7.

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1 Aradugula Bulletu: Vijay Prakash, KLR Karthikeyan
This is an introduction song of hero, tune by Devi is energetic and catchy, lyrics by Sreemani need a special mention, it is an song with high lyrical value, the words are apt to describe heroes characterization, Vijay Prakash’s voice has added some more energy to this song and lines sung by Karthikeyan were amazing, this is an perfect start to the album, this song is sure to enthrall all power fans, it gives ample scope for picturisation, beat is good, all set for a perfect start.

2.Bapu gari bomma: Shankar Mahadevan
Before we forget Askasham amayi ithe song from Gabbar Singh form this Pawan Kalayan-DSP-Shankar Mahadevan trio, here is one more beautifull song, one can easily fall in love with this song in first hearing itself, tune is neat and catchy, Devi has mixed good beat with sweet melody and Shankar Mahadevan as usually is at his best, lyrics were neat, one more good song in this album.

3.Deva Devam: Pallakad Shreeram, Rita
This is an bit song with classical touch, it might be an situational song, for hearing only few people can connect with this song, so it is better to wait to see it on screen.

4.Kirakuu: Narendra, David Simon
Its an typical Devi’s foot tapping number, it starts with an interesting Rap, the lines “Kiraaku kiraaku kirak petinchave ” makes this song easily hummable, tune wise its another Devi’s number , lyrics were good and singers made sure to maintain the energy of the song, this kind of songs may easily go with masses.

5.Its Party Time: David simon, Malgadi shbha
One more interesting song in this album, tune is very catchy and lyrics are simple and so is the song easily likable , orchestration by Devi is good, singers did a fantastic job with their vocals, David Simon’s voice is perfectly apt for the song, this kind of song is perfectly apt for Pawan Kalayan’s body language, audio wise another good song in this album.

6.Ninnu chudagane: Devi Sri Prasad
The best song in the album and my pic from this album, its set in a lazy mood, it starts with an interesting guitar music and has good melody, this time Devi came with an fresh tune, use of strings and orchestration has made this song attractive, lyrics by Devi are great, and the way he sang this song is impressive, this is an instant charbster.

Overall Devi has managed to keep upto the expectations, this an good album from him with three instant chart busters “Ninu Chudagane”, “Bapu Boma” and “Aaru Adugula”, and one good song “Party Time” and one regular and typical Devi’s umber “Kiraku”, this album will defiitely help for film’s sucess, this album is also lyrically strong.
Finally a very decent album in recent times.

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