Chiranjeevi clarifies about family split

Chiranjeevi family split
Megastar Chiranjeevi spoke to media on wednesday and clarified about rumours that were spread against his family recently in media.
Since Allu Arjun’s wedding, media have been circulating news about differences between megabrothers and Pawan splitting his way from Chiranjeevi.
Pawan attending bunny’s wedding only for few minutes, Ganesh Babu taking support of Nagababu in releasing Teenmaar.
Geetha Arts being kept away from Teenmaar release and Allu Family not talking about this movie, gave enough spice for media to speculate.

Putting an end to all these rumours, Chiranjeevi said that his family is still united and fired at journalists who wantedly created such false news and were misleading their fans.
He expressed anguish over the direction in which journalism is heading.

Talking about new directors lacking control over budget and scheduling, he commented that “If any other producer was there in the place of Nagababu for the film ‘Orange’, he would have committed suicide.

He also talked about few PRP MLAs, who are moving closely with Y.S.Jagan and said that “A meeting will take place with the party members and a decision will be taken whether they will be disqualified as MLAs or not.”