Chiranjeevi supports Srija’s police case against Sirish Bharadwaj

Srija and Sirish BharadwajChiranjeevi’s second daughter Srija, who married her lover Sirish Bharadwaj in october 2007 against the wishes of her family has now lodged dowry and harassment case on her husband.
After marrying Srija, Sirish was made as member of regional censor board (courtesy Chiranjeevi).
But his greed didn’t stop there.
He was eyeing crores of properties which were on Srija’s name and sensing this, she transferred back most of them to her parents.
Sirish got frustrated with this and started demanding money as he had big plans to make movies.
Srija waited till Allu Arjun’s wedding was completed and during this, Chiranjeevi came to know all her problems.
He assured her that Sirish will be taught a lesson and she will be safe along with her kid.
The commissioner of police, Mr A.K. Khan, said, “We have received the complaint lodged by her and we have registered a case under the Dowry Harassment and Dowry Prohibition Act.”
In her complaint Srija alleged, “He started harassing me after an year of marriage. As I had married against my parents’ wishes and we are blessed with a daughter, I kept quiet. As Sirish is always expecting money from me I felt insecure and transferred all my properties to my parents. Later, the harassment increased and they kept a watch on my movements. I tolerated all this. Recently during my cousin Allu Arujn’s marriage, they called me several times to know my whereabouts. A week back he asked me to get Rs 50 lakh and after that I came home and didn’t go back. My mother-in-law was supporting him in this.

Sirish and his parents will be interrogated by police today and Chiranjeevi wants them to be put behind bars for playing with his daughter’s life.

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