Kotha Janta Movie Review


Casting :  Allu Sirish, Regina , Madhurima, Sapthagiri, Rao Ramesh ,Posani and others
Director: Maruthi
Producer: Bunny Vass
Banner: Geetha Arts Banner
Music: JB
Release Date: 1/05/2014


Sirish (Allu Sirish) and Suvarna(Regina) are selfish people by birth and they won’t help others in any aspect. Both Sirish and Suvarna are working for one Channel headed by Rao Ramesh who is suffering to run TV channel with low TRP ratings. Then Sirish and Suvarna comes up with new reality show ‘Kotha Janta’ which becomes popular . At the same time, Sirish gets another good offer from a businessman (Posani Krishna Murali) who hopes to hire the former for his new channel venture but on a condition of hiring Suvarna too. Sirish acts as a true lover to Suvarna and makes her to acccept this offer. Later Suvarna will come to know about this and they splits. How Regina takes revenge on Sirish and what happens next forms rest of the story.


Allu Sirish performance was good when compared to his debut movie . Still he has to improve  a lot in his body language ,expressions ,dances and other aspects.

Regina stole the show with her looks and expressions. She is bubbly, adorable and cute.   Regina made sure to prove that she is a good actress. Her on-screen chemistry with Sirish worked well.

Sapthagiri also steals the show in the first half with some good comedy. He is a talented artiste who can make it big. Posani Murali Krishna was a highlight with his regular out of the box dialogues.  Rohini leaves her mark while Madhurima looked good. Rao Ramesh was ok.


The big asset of the film is Regina Performance and Comedy through out the film. The first half of the film is better when compared to the second half, as the entertainment levels are high in first half and second half  should have been handled better. Director Maruthi atlast came out of his boothu concepts and made a clean family entertainer .Usually maruthi’s narration will be good but it lacks in Kotha Janta. The reality show concepts and their execution are not so convincing. The interval block is very routine and predictable. The concepts of jealousy and possessiveness could have been handled in a better way. The much talked about ‘Atu Amalapuram’ remix also did not live up to the expectations. JB’s music is decent and background music is also quite alright.Richard Prasad’s cinematography is colorful and an asset for the movie. Dialogues are crisp and editing by Ashok Kuruba is neat. Production values of Geetha Arts banner are rich.

Bottom Line:

Kotha Janta a Time Pass Movie with lots of Entertainment . Just go for Regina and Sapthagiri’s rocking performances!!!

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