Mega Family will introduce Varun Tej to Mega Fans on 14th March

Naga Babu Son Varun Tej Latest Photos

Nagababu son Varun Tej finally making his debut after waiting for few months to strike.Mega Family will introduce the New Mega Hero to media ,especially megafans on 14th march.A formal puja will be conducted on 14th march ,no doubts entire Mega Family will attend the function to cheer Varun Tej.Srikanth Addala who is driving high on success of SVSC will direct Varun Tej debut movie.It has become sentiment for Mega Heroes after Allu Arjun,Charan and now Varun Tej was introducing by Aswini Dutt.Many celebrites from tollywood will grace the occasion to bless Varun.The film is titled as ‘Gollabhama’ and it is said to be Romantic love story. Cast and Crew of Gollabhama will be announced soon.Stay Tuned to Chiranjeeviblog for more updates.Best of Luck to New Mega Hero!!