Ram Charan's Yevadu Movie First Day First Show Updates


Updated at 02:26 AM

Climax time…heavy fight scene on now…

Updated at 02:16 AM

Yet another twist is being revealed..movie is heading towards climax

Updated at 02:06 AM

The last mass song Pimple Dimple is currently on..

Updated at 01:55 AM

Sai Kumar and Ram Charan are showcasing their powerful dialouges..

Updated at 01:45 AM

Some action scenes between Charan and Sai Kumar are on now..

Updated at 01:37 AM

Shruthi haasan looks extremely beautiful in this love song

Updated at 01:35 AM

The romantic song Nee Jathaga nenundali is on now…

Updated at 01:28 AM

Shruthi haasan makes an entry… College scenes are on now….

Updated at 01:24 AM

Jayasudha makes an entry a Ram Charans mother

Updated at 01:20 AM

The fourth song freedom is currently on now… Charan is showing some crazy dance moves

Updated at 01:15 AM

Post interval the movie heads into the flashback mode

Updated at 01:10 AM

Interval time ….. movie makes the half way mark with a stunning twist

Updated at 01:05 AM

Interesting twist…. Sai kumar makes an entry

Updated at 12:59 AM

Action episodes are on now…movie heading towards Interval

Updated at 12:50 AM

The super hit item song Ayyo Papam is on now….

Updated at 12:40 AM

Interesting scenes are being showcased now…, Ram Charan is on a mission

Updated at 12:28 AM

The second song oye oye is on now …..Amy Jackson looks hot in bikini

Updated at 12:20 AM

The movie is set in vizag

Updated at 12:13 AM

Amy Jackson makes an entry

Updated at 12:10 AM

Brahmanandam makes an entry….

Updated at 12:05 AM

The first song Cheliya Cheliya is on now….Kajal agarwal is also featuring in the song.

Updated at 12:03 AM

Mega powerstar Ram Charan finally makes his entry in Yevadu.

Updated at 11:58 PM

The rest of the titles start rolling and complete and the story jumps ahead to 10 months later.

Updated at 11:55 PM

Almost immediately, another fight ensues between Allu Arjun and the villains on a bus. The fight ends on a surprising note.

Updated at 11:50 PM

Now, there’s a big fight between Allu Arjun and the villains over Kajal

Updated at 11:43 PM

Kajal Agarwal’s name is Deepthi

Updated at 11:41 PM

Allu Arjun’s name is Satya

Updated at 11:39 PM

Allu Arjun’s introduction is pretty cool. He plays Kajal’s lover.

Updated at 11:37 PM

Movie begins with Viru Bhai’s goons searching everywhere for Chandramohan’s daughter, played by Kajal Agarwal.

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