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5 Tips to Buying a Tube Amplifier

Tube amplifiers are used by professional musicians and performers to increase audio quality. Unlike in the 50’s and 60’s, today’s amplifiers don’t depend on size for power, as manufacturers are now able to use lighter but powerful components.

There are many models available on the market today so it is important that you conduct research before buying. We also recommend you check producers’ websites for identifying products and their features in order to make an informed decision.

We bring you the five tips to buying the best tube amplifier that will boost your audio experience.

Tube Amplifier

Size Is Important

Heavier amplifiers models usually mean that they include more components and come with many features but, as we have already pointed out in the introduction, lighter models are not necessarily less powerful.

When choosing an amplifier, you should consider the size of the model you want to buy. If you are a traveling musician or a performer, the weight of the amplifier will likely be an important factor in deciding what works best for you.


Musicians who spend a lot of time practicing know that tube amplifiers can be very loud. You should take this into consideration because the noise may prevent you from using the amplifier at your home or when others are resting.

Consider getting 1-watt micro tube amplifier if you need to practice at low volumes and want to avoid the noise tube amps create. Smaller models are ideal for practicing and are easy to carry around whenever you need them. Many of these models provide excellent sound quality.


The question of how many watts do you need in a tube amplifier may be old but it does not mean it’s not important. One of the most important things you need to know when considering wattage is that the real difference between a 40 and a 100-watt amplifier is almost negligible. Lower wattage (usually less than 5 watts) means less volume power but may the best solution if you don’t need to work or practice with high volumes.


Musicians and audio experts know that tube amps aren’t harmless: most operate at high voltages and need to be handled with care in order to avoid accidents. Forgetting this little fact may lead to serious injuries, in fact, being careless around a tube amplifier could even result in a fatal outcome. While it’s true that tube amps can be dangerous, it shouldn’t be a reason for concern if you learn to use them safely and responsibly.

Tip: When you’re not using it, always keep your tube amplifier safe and out of the reach of children.

Keep it Simple

Most audio experts will agree that first-time buyers should avoid getting complex design amps and go with the simpler models. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the more elaborate models are better or more effective. In fact, the exact opposite is true.

In the end, you will have to do your own research in order to get the best product possible.