Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu Audio Review

Here is the audio review of most awaited film of the year Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu, its most awaited because Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is acting in it and its coming after this years blockbuster Gabbar Singh, Manisharma who previously gave excellent audio albums to pawan Kalyan like kushi , gudumba shanker etc is composing music for this film directed by Puri jaganadh and produced by D.V.V.Dhanaya and Radakrishna,while tamannah is female lead in this film.

This album contains six songs all of which are penned by Bhaskarbatla


1. Theme Song

Singers : Hemachandra, Karunya, Narendra, Chorus

very good start to album,it simply shows heroes character, lyrics are neat, singers did their job , manisharma used some heavy instruments in it  and these kind of songs are perfect to elivate heroes role.

2. Pillani Chuste

Singers: Karunya, Chaitra

A typical manisharma’s number, though their is nothing new in this song but we can expect some steps from lead pair, while manisharma who is expert in these kind of songs delivers it once again, his classic touch of melody to fast beats are good to hear, nothing to blame about  this song singers are ok and did their job,lyrics are just ok.


3. Melikalu

Singers: Narendra, Geetha Madhuri

Song starts with an interesting beat followed by a RAP, while the beats are fresh and tune is catchy and peppy, you can fall in love with this song in first hearing only,both singers have done a fantastic job,  manisharma makes this song interesting with good orchestra,lyrics are funny but good to hear, we can expect some  great visuals to this song on screen.

4. Extraordinary

Singers: Hemachandra

Song is an mix of classical beats with modern instruments,while it may need repeat hearings to enjoy this song,nothing much to talk about this song,pretty average lyrics and pretty average tune, its passable in this album, Hemachandra is ok with his vocals.

5. Jaramochindi

Singers: Kushi Murali, Shravana Bhargavi

Song title itself suggests that its an item number, and hence this song is filled with lot of energy , from the starting itself song carries a positive energy with very catchy tune, its sure to enthrall audience, while Murali does his job Shravana Bhargavi is an advantage to this song her voice modulation is an big advantage to this song and makes this song more interesting, lyrics are also good especially ending lines “naku na fans ki evi nachave nanu ogeyi nanu ogeyi ve” showing real character of  Pawan Kalyan, and this is my pick of the album.

6. Thaladinchaku

Singers: Karunya, Hemachandra, Srikrishna, Narendra

Song has an pretty average tune with good lyrical values, may be this is the climax song in the film, these kind of songs are more important to elivate the scenes, their is a very big list of singers who rendered voice to this song and all of them have done a fine job.

Totally Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu audio album has six songs out of which two songs(melikalu and jaramochindi) are instant hits,suppourted by an good theme music. Manisharma who lost his touch from past few years came back but may not be strongly, but we cant say its an weak album, album is good enough to drive audience to theaters and will definitely help up for the openings of this film, but yes this is not Manisharma’s best.

Chiranjeeviblog team is wishing entire unit of Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu all the best hoping that it stands as one of the top films in telugu film industry.


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