Kondaveeti Donga

Chiranjeevi, Radha, Vijayasanthi, Amrishpuri, Raogopalrao, Saarada, mohanbabu, Srividya, Satyanarayana
Music : Ilayaraaja
Banner : Sri Vijaya Lakshmi Art Productions
Director : A.Kodandaramireddy
Released : 9 March 1990

Chiru’s first attempt at a RobinHood kinda movie was a rather successful one.
This action packed movie, had everything that a typical chiru’s hit used to have in 80s and early 90s, like kodandaramiraddy’s direction, radha & vijayasanthi as heroines and illayaraja’s music,ofcourse with chiru’s dances.kondaveeti dongaStory starts at a tribal village, Kondaveedu, where, Raja(chiru)’s parents are chased and his father is killed by few goons, who manage to charge his mother(saarada) with the murder and send her to jail.Satyanarayana, a senior member of the tribe rescues raja, and sends him to city for education.
Raja returns to the village after graduation and observes the injustice being done with the villagers at their work.He decides to revolt against the landlords, RaogopalRao and co.
Satyanarayana suggests him a better method of dealing with this problem.So, Raja decides to become Kondaveeti Donga,a theif who loots rich and distributes them among the poor.
Radha and her sister vijayasanthi, daughters of a judger(srividya) , falls in love with raja without each other’s knowledge.
Once, radha is saved by kondaveeti donga and she discovers who, kondaveeti donga is.Raja explains her, why he had to do this, and she agrees to remain tight lipped.
Saarada returns from jail and attempts to take revenge on her husband’s killers.But she is caught and tortured, only to be saved again by kondaveetidonga.Srividya recognizes as her sister-in-law and brings her home.
Raja realizes how, a tantrik baba(amrish puri) has mesmerized the villagers and kept them under his control to work at his research labs.In all of his attempts to reach tantrik baba , Raja ends up with destroying his bases.The story takes a surprising twist here as amrish puri enters as Superindentent of Police and into Radha’s house forcinh her to reveal the truth about kondaveeti donga.Radha, unwilling to reveal anything, consumes poison and dies.Vijayasanthi uncovers her identity as a police officer, who came to kondaveedu for the sole purpose of arresting kondaveeti donga.
Raja finds radha’s letters at her funeral and realizes howmuch she love him.When he tries to reach baba, he is surrounded by police and vijayasanthi removes his mask much to her shock.When raja is about to surrender, Amrishpuri shoots him , but raja gets a new life in hospital and escapes from police custody to attack on baba’s den.There he realizes that, his father is alive and is captured by baba, for not revealing the secret formula of a drug.Climax follows, where raja kills all goons and rescues his father and other captives.Highlights of this movie were chiru’s powerful action as a leader of a tribe, Illayaraja’s music, Chiru’s slow paced steps, breath taking fights, especially the climax fight on the train, and also comedy by chiru,vijayasanthi and mohan babu.
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