Chiranjeevi, Soundarya, raviteja, venkat, Kota, Saratbabu
Music : Mani Sarma
Banner : Sri SaiRam Arts
Director : Mutyala Subbayya
Released on : 7 Jan 2000

Produced on Sri Sairam Arts banner, with Megastar Chiranjeevi and Soundarya as the lead pair, ‘Annayya’ is directed by Muthyala Subbayya.
annayya movie reviewThis good storyline in tune with Chiranjeevi’s high profile, plus the excellent technical expertise is sure to make a positive impact on the audience. The movie revolves around the elder brother’s unbounding love for his younger siblings.
While fighting against the wrongs done for the laborers, Rajaram (Chiranjeevi), owner of a fleet of lorries, meets Devi (Soundarya), the garment factory owner. After that acquaintance, she once seeks his help in dealing with two street ruffians, who were teasing her sisters, Lata (Chandini) and Geeta (Sishwa), and is shocked when the culprits turn out to be his brothers, Ravi (Ravi Teja) and Gopi (Venkat).annayya movie review
Rajaram takes the incident lightly as the pranks of youngsters and is very lenient to them. With more such incidents the two come together and fall in love, with the brothers and sisters not far behind.
On his brothers’ request Rajaram approaches Devi for her sisters’ hand in marriage to his brothers. But she curtly refuses her consent on grounds that the two are wayward drunkards. Rajaram reacts sharply to it and vows to get his brothers married to her sisters.

Since then on he is more exacting with his brothers and brings about a transformation in them. Devi agrees for their marriage. But the incorrigible brothers come in an inebriated condition for their engagement and Rajaram faces the brunt of Devi’s ire. She insults him and leaves the place with her sisters. An outraged Rajaram kicks his brothers out of home.

The two brothers being state rank holders in engineering find favor with a businessman, Rangarao (Saratbabu), who employs them.
Rajaram, who is genuinely fond of his brothers, sells away his property and gives money secretly to Rangarao, paving way for a partnership deal between Rangarao and his brothers.
Piqued at being kicked out of home, his brothers, unaware of his hand in securing the partnership for them, nurse grudge against their brother and insult Rajaram in Devi’s presence. She, being in know of matters, slaps them and opens their eyes by informing them of his sacrifice. This brings about a total change in them and the repentant duo go to Rangarao to restore the property to their brother.

But Rangarao has other plans and tries to get them killed with gundas and the two brothers escape death and land in a hospital with injuries. A furious Rajaram goes to Rangarao, who reveals him his real identity. Rangarao is the brother of Chinna Rao (Bhupendra Singh), a criminal who was caught in the police dragnet with Rajaram’s help and later died. This is Rangarao’s vendetta. In the ensuing melee, Rangarao gets killed.
Muthyala Subbaiah, who gave Chiranjeevi a hit movie with “Hitler” by exploiting sisterly sentiment, has done it again, this time with brotherly sentiment.

Already equipped with all the trappings necessary to impress the masses, the movie has a light entertaining comedy track, catering to all tastes and is sure to be a hit with the audience. Rajaram’s role is unique in the sense that it is a blend of goodness and comic relief.
Chiranjeevi has excelled himself and lived the role to the hilt. The uniqueness of the role provided him plenty of leverage to reveal his myriad acting nuances. Soundarya, who usually dons sentimental roles that require acting prowess, looks different in her glamor-doll-role. As the uncle who chides Rajaram for pampering his brothers, Kota is impressive. Mani Sharma’s music is appealing,especially Sayya re Sayya and a sizzling dance number with Aata kaavala with Simran. Cameraman, Chota K Naidu’s hard work is clearly visible reflected in the movie. For the many Chiranjeevi fans, who go to see their celluloid hero, this movie brought them cheer.