Chiranjeevi, Vijayasanthi, Sitara
Music : Chakravarti
Banner : Deepakraj Pictures
Director : Laxmi Deepak
Released : 27 Nov 1986

Kishore(chiru) is an Unemployed graduate. He lives with his brother Srinivasa Rao who works in a company of Harshvardhan. dhairyavantudu chiranjeeviWhen Kishore attends his friend”s marriage, he sees Radha(sitara), daughter of a retired army official.
Samrat who has an eye on Harshavardhan”s property wants to marry his daughter.
When Lavanya(vijayasanthi) returns from foriegn after completing her studies, she is kidnapped by Samrat, but is saved by Kishore.
In the fight that follows, Kishore loses his memory.
Even when Radha comes to see him, he couldn”t recognize her.
In another attempt samrat and his men strike again and this time Kishore regains his memory , but,Radha is killed.
Later, Kishore is taken care of by Harshavardhan and Lavanya starts assisting him.
They start loving each other. Kishore thinks of a plan and tapes the talk between Samrat and his men, which prove their crimes.
Police arrests them and Kishore marries Lavanya to end the movie.Rather dissappointing movie from chiru, especially after a hit like rakshasudu.