Gokulamlo Seeta

Released : 22 August 1997
Cast : Pawan Kalyan, Raasi, harish, kota, mallikharjun rao, sudhakar, brahmanandam and others
Music : SA Rajkumar
Banner : NSC Arts
Director : Mutyala Subbayya

This experiment from muthyala subbayya portrays pawan kalyan as a careless and spoiled brat of a rich man Kota srinivas rao.
Kalyan has every weakness that an rich and careless youth can have, and baburao(sudhakar) helps him in all his activities.
gokulam lo seeta reviewOnce, kalyan and his friend/employee, bhaskar(harish) attend a function, where kalyan spots sirisha(raasi) singing on stage, and is impressed by her beauty and tries too woo her but doesn;t succeed.
At the sametime bhaskar too is impressed by her and expresses his love to her, but is rejected by sirisha.
A disheartened bhaskar tries to commit suicide but is saved. Sirisha accepts his love and leaves to see her mother to seek her blessings for marriage.
But her mother plans something else for her. She tries to marry her off with her cousin achyuth.
Sirisha writes a letter to bhaksar to take her away and save her from this marriage.
kalyan is shocked, when he knows that bhaskar is trying to marry the same sirisha, who rejected his offer, but agrees to bring her.
kalyan manages to bring sirisha to bhaskar’s house, but bhaskar’s parents oppose this marriage by insulting sirisha.
Kalyan looses his temper and hits bhaskar’s father adding fuel to fire.
A disheartened sirisha leaves their house, but is saved by kalyan and taken to his house.
His father Kota and servant, mallikharjun rao suspect their relationship, and this suspiscion spreads in kalyan’s friends circle.
Sirisha accuses kalyan of all this rumours and this brings about a change in kalyan’s attitude towards woman and his life.
He decides to marry sirisha and asks his father to help him in this regard. But his father insults her and she leaves their house and returns to her mother.
Kalyan, after learning his father’s mistake, reaches sirisha’s house, but is discouraged by her cousin and mother. He goes on a hungerstrike till she accepts his love.
In the end Kota apologises for his mistake and unite the lovers.
Kalyan shows lot of maturity in handling a complicated role, only in his 3rd movie. His histrionics in emotional scenes are good.
Muthyala subbayya handles this sensitive subject well and manages to project kalyan with a different image.