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Rajnikanth, Chiranjeevi, Sripriya, ‘Fatafat’ Jayalakshmi, Satyanarayana, Kantha Rao, Manorama, Prasadbabu, Giribabu.
Dialogues : Gollapudi
Lyrics : Veeturi
Music : Ilayaraaja
Producers : Hem – Nag
Director : I.V.Sasi
Banner : Sujatha Films Pvt. Ltd.
Release date : 19 September 1980

Kali movie posterKali(Rajnikanth) is released from jail and Kantharao tries to meet him at jail but misses him.
Kali goes to his sister’s house where he knows that his sister’s family is destroyed and she is living alone.
He tries to take revenge on Satyanaraya, who is responsible for this.
In this process, he meets GK(Chiranjeevi) at a club and fights with him.
Later GK attempts to kill Kali but at the same time other goons attack kali and GK helps him to fight against them.
When GK enquires about who tried to kill kali, he narrates his story.

In flashback, Kali is a truck driver who lives in ooty along with his sister’s family.
His brother-in-law, Giribabu, is a labour union leader at a factory owned by Satyanarayana.
Once giribabu provokes all employers for a strike against management and to teach him a lesson, satyanarayana’s men tonsure heads of giribabu’s kids.
Kali reacts wildly to this and in a fight, one of satyanarayana’s men are killed accidentally and kali goes to jail.
During this period, giribabu and his kids are killed.

Kali returns from jail and GK requests him to stay along with him at his car garage.Kali Rajnikanth Chiranjeevi
GK lives there with his lover ‘Fatafat’ Jayalakshmi and her sister Manorama.
Once satyanarayana’s daughter(Sripriya), who witnessed Kali and GK’s fight at club, happens to meet Kali and GK together at garage and becomes their friend.
Later Kali meets kantharao and his daughter and is shocked to see her look similar to satyanaraya’s daughter.

When Satyanaraya’s men attack kali and GK, they’re caught and tortured and those photos will be sent to satyanarayana.
On seeing these pictures, Satyanaraya and his son Prasadbabu plan to finish kali forever and capture both kali and GK in a fight and tie them up in their house.

Jayalakshmi and Manorama kidnap satyanarayana’s daughter and tie her up in their house.
They change clothes of her with kantharao’s daughter and go along with ther acting as her friends to satyanarayana’s house and release Panjaa and GK before they get killed in water.

Later when questioned by Panjaa, kantharao reveals that both those similar looking girls are his daughters and elder one was raised by him but when his wife was pregnant for second time, she was raped by satyanarayana.
She waited for delivering second child and then died.
That daughter was raised in satyanarayana’s house and for attacking him, kantharao’s leg was broken.
So, to take revenge on him, kantharao was looking for panjaa, who also had to take revenge on same person.

On hearing this story, satyanarayana’s daughter is heartbroken and decides to co-operate with them.
Kantharao’s elder daughter asks Panjaa to marry her but Panjaa says that his life is risky and he is not sure about surviving in his fight.
But she convinces him to marry.

In climax fight, GK(Chiranjeevi) is killed by goons and also in an attempt to kill panjaa, satyanarayana throws a bomb for which kantharao’s second daughter, who is raised by him is killed.
Satyanarayana accepts defeat after seeing his adopted daughter’s death and is killed by Kantharao.
Panjaa leaves that place along with his wife and Jayalakshmi.

This is an out and out Rajnikanth’s movie but Chiranjeevi excels in his supporting character with his dances and fights.
Background music by Ilayaraja is haunting.