Rowdy Alludu

Chiranjeevi, Sobhana, Divya bharati, rao gopal rao, kota, Allu, Napoleon
Music : Bappi Lahiri
Banner : Sri Sairam Arts
Director : K.RaghavendraRao
Released : 18 Oct 1991

Chiru followed the smashing success of Gang Leader in 1991 with this super hit that was directed by K. Raghavendra Rao and produced by Sri Sai Ram Arts. rowdy alluduChiru plays the dual roles of a Mumbai-based auto driver, Jhonny, and an industrialist, Kalyan, who because he was interfering with the plans of the villains, led by Kota Sreenivas Rao, is first temporarily replaced by Jhonny, and then framed for the murder of Kalyan’s trusted employee and father of his love, Shobana. Jhonny realizes that he ruined the life of a good man and joins forces with Kalyan. They pretend to be each other, in order to save Kalyan. After the villains prove in court that Kalyan was the killer by replacing the rod of the murder weapon with one that has his finger prints on it, Jhonny captures the villains and saves Kalyan. It is Chiranjeevi’s show all the way. He plays two different men with two distinct styles effortlessly. The transition he shows in Kalyan’s character, from a tough, honest man to a dazed, confused, naive, weak individual is brilliant. He also shows the rough, crude Jhonny’s unsuccessful attempt at pretending to be Kalyan very well. Jhonny’s character tries many times to carry on a suave, sofisticated demeaner yet fails because he is quite crass. Chiru portrays this weakness of Jhonny exquisitely. Much of the film is filled with great comedy provided by the Megastar, in particular, the scenes, where he as Jhonny, pretending to be a crazy Kalyan, interacts with the psychiatrist, played by Brahmanandam. Shobana, as Kalyan’s love and lawyer, does her part well. Divya Bharati was limited to a mostly song and dance role and looked nice next to Chiru. K. Raghavendra Rao directed this film well. Music by Bappi Lahari is excellent, especially the songs, “Chiluka kshemamama” and “Love Me My Hero.” The film is a great entertainer for classes and masses.