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Simhapuri Simham

Chiranjeevi, Madhavi, Radhika, Gollapudi
Music : JV Raghavulu
Banner : Vijay Sai Films
Director : Kodi RamaKrishna
Released : 20 Oct 1983

Chiru plays Vijay, son of a wealthy zamindar Rajasekharam.
He has 2 heroines, Madhavi and Radhika to sing and dance with.Simhapuri Simham poster
In his smooth life, enters his father’s brother seetaramaswami(gollapudi) and creates ripples.
Seetaramaswami is a fox under lamb’s mask and before vijay or his father realize this, Rajasekharam is trapped into a false crime.
To protect himself from being dragged into the crime, he kills Rajasekharam.
Now, its vijay’s turn to take revenge for his father’s murder.
How he does it and how he proves his father’s innocence forms the rest of the story.
Pretty lousy direction, loose screenplay make this a boring movie.