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Yuddha Bhoomi

Chiranjeevi, Vijayasanthi, Muralimohan, Mohanbabu
Music : Chakravarti
Banner : R.K. Film Associates
Director : K. Raghavendra rao
Released : 11 Nov 1988

Chiranjeevi plays an army jawan’s role in this film. This film is set against the backdrop of a village which is dominated by a landlord played by Mohan Babu.
Murali mohan happens to be a farmer and elder brother of chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi arrives in his village for vacation after completing an army assignment.yuddha bhoomi He stands up against Mohan babu’s atrocities and challenges him much against the wishes of his elder brother.
A couple of incidents like mohan babu being hand in glove with a dirty politician played by nutan prasad and killing of a police officer played by jaggiah make the hero vow to clear the village from mohan babu’s menace.
He sets up a tent house and stays seperately since he differs in opinion with his brother.
During his fight against injustice, the hero loses his brother’s son.
Chiranjeevi kills mohan babu and his associates including the dirty politician in the climax.
This film has some very good dialogues by parachuri brothers. Vijaya shanti lends good glamour.
Chiranjeevi’s performance is a highlight. Mohan babu and nutan prasad act well.
This movie could not become a box office hit as people did not like the climax in which the hero brings down a howering helicopter with a plough. Though the director had a very good script his handling in the second half was some what haywire and could not hold the interest of the audience.
Couple of scenes where chiru excelled :
1. The scene where chiru tells bhagat singh’s story to children in a class room. 2. The war of words between chiranjeevi and mohan babu near chiranjeevi’s tent house.