Orange Music Review

Orange Music Review and LyricsORANGE music composed by Harris Jayaraj is out in stores now.
Vanamali penned 4 lyrics, where as Ramajogayya Sastry and Kedaranath Parimi penned 1 each.
ORANGE comes with a fresh feel among straight telugu albums in recent past but Harris reminds his earlier tamil albums at few instances.
Especially the usage of guitar and chorus are similar to what he did in Surya , S/O Krishnan and other tamil flicks.
But still ORANGE album has enough material to be a chartbuster and is 2010’s best music album in telugu so far.

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1. Ola oolaala (Sydney Nagaram)

Written jointly by Kedaranath Parimi and Surendra Krishna, this could be Charan’s intro song where he enters sydney city and sings about it.
Karunya’s infectious vocals make this much repeated tune listenable.
Chorus makes it foot-tapping.
Naalo taaja prema orange la gives good poetic expression about freshly generated love in heart.

2. Chilipiga Chustavalaa

Written poetically by Vanamali, this song comes like a cool breeze from Karthik’s voice.
This song describes about love exchanged through looks and will easily catch up with all youngsters who are in love or want to fall in love.

3. Nenu Nuvvantu

Naresh Iyer’s voice gives this hummable tune the best feel.
Vanamali’s lyrics make us feel about missing love and searching process done by the character.
Lyricist also describes about hero’s characterization in lyrics as okE oka manchODini, romance lo picchODini and shows how qualified hero is to get heroine’s


4. Hello Rammante

This is typical arrogant song written by Ramajogayya Sastry in his own style where he talks about Love’s causes and effects not being under our control.
Vijay Prakash sounds like DeviSree Prasad in this joyous song and his premeditated style gets repetitive here.

5. ‘O’ Range Love idi

Benny Dayal’s voice follows suit and sounds worn-out, where as Vanamali’s lyrics too sound exaggerating at some instances.
But foot tapping music will give ample scope for Charan to entertain with his dancing skills.
Nothing exciting about lyrics or composition though.

6. Rooba Rooba

Undoubtedly the most catchy song of the entire album which will keep rocking the music charts till next year.
This brings the album’s soul.
Shail’s expressive vocals and ambient arrangements sit well atop the charming tune.
Chinmayi’s vocals add to the tempo and melody.
Vanamali does well to mix urdu words into telugu lyrics.

Harris’ return, after almost an year, seems deliberately safe after listening to entire album.

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