Puli Bebbuli

KrishnamRaju, Jayaprada, Chiranjeevi, Radhika, Kannada Prabhakar, Kantarao, Mikkilineni, Thyagaraju etc
Music : Rajan – Nagendra
Banner : Kamala Cine Arts
Director : KSR Das
Release Date : 16th June 1983

Krishnamraju and Chiranjeevi play childhood friends who get seperated in an accident and meet as enemies after they grow up.
GopiKrishna(Chiranjeevi) loses his mother at young age due to poverty and none of the villagers touch her corpse as she died due to a contagious disease.Puli Bebbuli Poster
Before Gopi returns with money, another orphan RajKumar(Krishnamraju) carries her dead body on bulloc kcart to graveyard and cremates her with his savings.
Gopi and Kumar become good friends and get tattoes pierced on their arms with each others names.
In a fire accident at a circus, Kumar(krishnamraju) gets burns and they both get seperated in crowd.
Kumar is saved by a rich landlord(Mikkilineni) who is childless and adopts him later.
Both grow up in different conditions and Gopi(Chiru) ends up as street fighter who fights for poor against the evil rich.
When Rangababu(Thyagaraju) tries to rape a village girl, Gopi saves her and ends up in jail after bashing up Rangababu.
Seetha(Jayaprada) is from a middle class family who works as accountant for Kantarao’s estate.
While she’s carrying estate’s money to bank, Rudraiah(Kannada Prabhakar)’s dacoits try to loot her but she gets saved by Kumar(Krishnamraju).
After few meetings, they fall in love and Seetha ends up being pregnant before getting married.
Kumar tries to convince his father but before he talks, his father leaves for foriegn country for few months.
Kumar and Seetha get married in a temple and in an attempt to deliver a child, seetha undegoes abortion and dies in hospital.
At the same time, Rudaiah’s men attack kumar and injure him.
When kumar regains consciousness, he realises that seetha is dead.
He goes into depression and doesn’t reveal this to anyone.
On hearing the news of seetha’s death, her father dies of heart attack.
Radha(Radhika) vows to kill the guy who is responsible for her sister’s misery and reaches Kumar’s estate along with her mother.
During their journey, they save Mikkilineni from heart attack in train and get shelter at his home.
Kumar knows who they are but is unable to disclose his identity to them.
Kantarao appoints Gopi as his estate manager to face Rudraiah and he saves radha from goons to make her fall in love with him.
Kumar tries to warn Radha to stay away from Gopi but she refuses to listen to him.
Radha’s mother realises the truth of Kumar and Seetha and thinks of getting Radha married to Kumar.
In a fight, Gopi sees the tattoo on Kumar’s hand and decides to sacrifice his love.
He confesses that he’s responsible for Seetha’s pregnancy and death.
When Kumar gets to know this, he fights with Gopi.
During this argument, Gopi shows his tattoo on his arm and both friends meet again.
Rudraiah and Rangababu kidnap the village girl and rape her.
They also kidnap Radha and her mother to blackmail Gopi and Kumar.
In the climax fight, Gopi and Kumar kill Rangababu, Rudraiah and their men.
Kumar also dies in this fight, while trying to save Gopi.
Movie ends with Gopi-Radha meeting on earth and Kumar-Seetha’s souls meeting in skies after Gopi cremates his best friend Kumar.
Music by Rajan-Nagendra is good. Parimalinchu Punnamilo is a hit song shot on Krishnamraju and Jayaprada.
Chiranjeevi provide the mass elements for this movie with his fights, dances and dialogues.
Comedy track of Allu Ramalingaiah and Maada is boring.

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