Chiranjeevi, Trisha, Saarada, Khushboo, Prakash Raj, Pradeep Rawat, Ravali, Sunil, Razzaq, Anushka etc
Music : Mani Sarma
Cinematography : chota k. naidu
Producer : K.Nagendra babu
Story, Screenplay, Direction : Murugadoss
Release Date : 20 sept 2006

Stalin opens with a scene where a girl is trapped into skin business and when goons try to kidnap her from stalin’s house, his mother, Saarada challenges them to cross the street.
Enters Chiranjeevi as STALIN to beat their pulp out.
Stalin is an ex-army man who had to quit his army job for some reasons which are revealed at proper time in the movie.
stalin movie reviewHe helps physically challenged people and in one instance, one such girl commits suicide because nobody has time to help her.
STALIN is depressed but is motivated by hadicapped children helping each other in a race.
He gets motivated from it and extends his help to others in need and in return asks them to help 3 more such needy people.
He expects a chain to form, but it doesn’t work when he tries to crosscheck them.Meanwhile, he hits a person for behaving brutally to a begging orphan and that person uses his politcal connections to hit back at stalin.
Stalin’s sister,Khushboo who gets seperated from their family after marriage and her friend Chitra(Trisha) are heldup by goons and stalin rleases them and in this process chases one of them into party’s office and chops his hand off.

Enters pradeep rawat who challenges stalin and in turn stalin insults him and his wife in front of his guests in his house.
His wife, Ravali asks her father, who is home minister Muddu Krishnayya(Prakash Raj) to solve this.
STALIN challenges him too and he tries to use chief minister to trap stalin.
Meanwhile C.M notices this chain reaction started by stalin and tries to know its root.
Climax deals with how stalin gets C.M out of villain’s hands and how people reacting to his chain system build a better society.

Chiranjeevi excels as a man who tries to reform the society after his service at border in army.
His dialogues have punch, his expressions are unique and his dances are as usual a treat to watch.
Especially in first song, parare parare he shows unique dancing styles again.
Trisha is limited to romantic angle only. Sarada and Khushboo who are seen on screen after long gap, excel in their roles.
Sunil gets good footage in climax scene.
Prakash raj’s performance as old politician is great showing his multidimensional talent.
Fights are lengthy but well composed. Choreography is worth mentioning in first song only.
There isn’t justification for few scenes like what stalin did for living after coming back from army etc. but overall a good entertainer for fans.

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